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Celebrate Women's History Month with Authors Maisha I and Dr. Adrienne Bryant

Join newly published authors for a book-signing.

Maisha I shares her life story in her book, Journey to I, encouraging others to never give up and to find the winning strength within themselves. Dr. Bryant honors the creativity of parents with her book, Original African American Names: Undefined. Each author shares the inspirational and empowering feeling when meaning is rendered from one’s name. Stop by and join us for what promises to be an interesting afternoon.

African American Quilters and Collectors: Table of Brotherhood Award Ceremony

Promoting the preservation and art of quilting

Table of Brotherhood Award Ceremony
Saturday, January 18, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Blair-Caldwell Library

Special Guests: First Lady Hancock, Former Mayor Wellington Webb and many more. The quilts made are presented annually through an award ceremony to outstanding community members in recognition of their service of those in need, or to individuals in crisis, as well as to agencies that help the needy and the homeless.

Sugar's life in the hood : the story of a former welfare mother

by Sugar Turner & Tracy Bachrach Ehlers

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University of Denver anthropologist Tracy Bachrach Ehlers spent several years in the mid-to-late-90s interviewing "Sugar Turner," a former welfare mother and caretaker to five children, to learn about life in an inner-city neighborhood and the challenges faced by modern-day low-income women.  Ehlers approaches Sugar's story as an ethnography, inserting fieldnotes...

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