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This side of home

by Renée Watson

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It’s senior year for twins Nikki and Maya, but big changes are already happening around the girls. Their neighborhood is changing, and they’re not sure if it’s for the better: rents are going up causing longtime neighbors to be priced out, new stores and restaurants are taking over, and the...

If I only had a horn : young Louis Armstrong

by Roxane Orgill

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This is a children’s book telling a story of jazz giant Louis Armstrong’s first encounters with a cornet. Illustrated by Leonard Jenkins, the book has stunning illustrations done in acrylic, spray paint and pastel reminiscent of fine artist Francis Bacon, but much more intimate (and age appropriate) and matches the...

Pow! Kaboom! Twak! Ping! Vrooom!....The History of African Americans in Comics

The untold story of African American superheroes.

Did you know that African/African Americans have had a lengthy yet unrecognized presence in comics? The first comic book created by an African American (Orrin Evans and All Negro Comics #1) didn’t arrive until 1947. But there were a number of Black people featured in both mainstream and Black newspaper press strips for many years before that. Not all of the images that were presented were positive or free of stereotypes, but all of them were steps towards the explosion of characters present today.

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