Reviews and Blog Posts: Adoption

A necessary end

by Holly Brown

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This is probably somebody's perfect book, but it sure wasn't mine.  A Necessary End is one of those slowly-accelerating trainwreck books, the kind where you can sense a disaster is inexorably approaching, and there's not a darn thing anybody can do about it. But surprise!  Contained within the pages are...

Mamalita : an adoption memoir

by Jessica O'Dwyer

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Adoption stories are some of my favorite things to read.  I love to hear about how different families are formed, especially those that bridge cultures. The narratives are all similar: we want a family, we fill out lots of paperwork, we wait a long time, we worry, and finally, we...

Yes, chef

by Marcus Samuelsson

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Marcus Samuelsson chronicles his odyssey from his birth in Ethiopia, being orphaned at age 3, being adopted (along with his sister) by a couple in Sweden, and eventually becoming one of the world's most renowned chefs. His story is well written, emotional, and doesn't gloss over mistakes and poor choices.


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Thirteen-year-old Jonah is adopted and his family has always made him feel loved and welcome. Out of the blue, he receives a mysterious letter that says only, "You are one of the missing." What does that mean? Even stranger, Jonah's friend Chip receives the same letter and he didn't even...

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