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Clouds of Sils Maria

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I liked this film so much that I watched it a second time, right after I finished it. In fact, I looked through the Library's catalog to find all other films we had by the same director and binge watched those as well.

Neil Patrick Harris : choose your own autobiography

by Neil Patrick Harris

Entertaining and affirming, this book earned every star in my rating. What don't we know about Neil Patrick Harris? This laugh out loud autobiography provides a glimpse behind the wizard's curtain and it's all good. Written in third person and in a tone that harkens back to "This is Your...

Station Eleven

by Emily St John Mandel

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This is a beautiful book! You'll follow troupe of Shakespearian actors and musicians as they travel through a virus-ravaged new world and flash back to the times before to fill in the gaps. The story is, itself Shakespearian, telling the huge story of culture, technology, philosophy through the very small...

The best unknown actor in the world!

His name is Choi Min‑sik and hands down he has to be the best unknown actor in the world!

In South Korea, Choi Min‑sik is one of the top dogs in the film industry. But, when It comes to the United States, Europe, etc., his name is never even mentioned. What a shame! Choi Min‑sik has what we Americans like to call the "IT" factor.

He can play any role and make it legit; the raw emotions he brings are second to none and he can easily compete with the best of them.

Between you & me

by Marisa Calin

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Phyre wants to be an actress, and this book is written as her diary-style screenplay of her life. Taking place over the fall semester of the school year in which Phyre develops a massive crush on the new drama teacher, Mia, gets the lead in the school play, and has...

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