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Tattoo Tales

Anyone remember a time when it seemed like only a veteran would have an anchor tattooed on a forearm?

Yet, in a musty old volume of Life magazine, I stumbled across a couple of photos of individuals with skin adorned with colorful tattoos more varied than a simple anchor or symbol. The article was entitled, One Out of Ten Americans is Tattooed. You can read it in the Central Library Reference Room in the December 21, 1936 issue (pgs 30-31). It's amazing!

Send me an angel (investor)

Angel Investor

The 27th annual Colorado Capital Conference is coming up next week (Monday, Oct. 12 and Tuesday, Oct. 13) here in Denver. Attendees will learn about and discuss trends in Angel Investing and Venture Capital. Take this quiz to see how much you know! Good luck!

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

Tracing the Trail of the Tivoli Brewing Company

Please have a look at the wonderful photographs of the old Tivoli Brewery in the Denver Public Library digital photo collection.

Small breweries have had a long history in Denver dating back to the pioneer days. As I scanned the microfilm of old newspapers, it seemed like breweries were popping up everywhere, just like now. Names such as Denver Ale Brewing, Sigi’s, Gilbridge Ale Brewery, Tivoli and Zangs are just a few names that appeared in the records.

Time for a Kombucha Quiz!


Brew Ha!Ha! is all about brewing - beer, coffee, tea, and... what?  Kombucha?  How well do you know your kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented beverage prepared using a SCOBY (a mass of bacteria and yeast). Which of the following is NOT another name for Kombucha?

Coffee Brews and More

You can find lots of varieties of coffee drinks, both hot and cold at any upscale coffee bar. So, what can you put together with coffee at home?
With our Brew Ha!Ha! extravaganza going on this month, I decided to find out.

Links to recipes are at the end of this blog.

Teachers: Request Research Pathfinders for Your Students

claassified research by throgers, Flickr: The Commons, Creative Commons license

When you are guiding your students through research projects this year (large or small), take advantage of the Library's Research Pathfinder service.

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Essay, Extended Essay, Argumentative Paper, Research Paper, National History Day Project, Book Report....The start of school means new assignments and we are here to help. If you are a student who would like some one-on-one assistance from a librarian to help with research for your project please check out our Student Research Appointments service. You can work online with a librarian or come to the Central Library in person.

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