Celebrate Pi Day with Raspberry Pi

This Pi Day (03/14), celebrate with Raspberry Pi! 

Raspberry Pi is an open-source, low-cost computer board that was designed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to encourage youth to explore coding and computer science. Over the years, the Pi has proven to be a great board for learners of all ages and is a favorite of the ideaLAB staff. 

Raspberry Pi laptop, air quality monitor, and LED emoji
Raspberry Pi Projects by ideaLAB staff and customers (from left to right): Pi-powered laptop, Air quality monitoring system, LED emoji badge

The Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 can serve as a full-blown Linux-based PC, and the Pi Zero or new Pi Pico can power up robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), or electronics projects. 

Because the Raspberry Pi is an open source project, there are lots of free resources online to help you get started or inspire potential project ideas. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a great place to start, and the monthly magazines MagPi and Hackspace are available as free PDFs for lots of fun ideas. 

You can also learn more about Raspberry Pi or the coding languages Python and Scratch by checking out any or all of these books:

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