Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!

One of my favorite pastimes is flipping through magazines at the grocery store checkout line or at the periodical section of the bookstore. It’s fun to see what the new fashion trends are or to see what’s on the cover of National Geographic and thumb through to see the photography. It’s one of the many little things I miss now that we’re practicing social distancing and making fewer trips out.

The good news is, we have hundreds of digital magazines for you to read and browse through for free, using just your library card!

We have two services: Flipster and Overdrive. You can create accounts in these applications by entering your Denver Public Library card number and PIN. You then create a username and password for each application (if you need any help with this, you can reach us via email or via the online chat service.

The borrowing length of each title varies, but you can take much more time to enjoy them than when you’re in the checkout line.  And you can also get back issues that you may have missed.

Overdrive has the largest collection of magazines and bookazines (those “special edition” issues you sometimes see about The Royal Family or the Anniversary of the First Walk on the Moon, for example), with more than 3,000 titles to choose from. There is a plethora of popular to obscure, in a variety of languages (including Chinese, Danish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish). In fact, you can even download magazines about Knitting and Crocheting, Photography, Tattoos, and even Adult Coloring Book Magazines. And, there are several titles that are available in their “local” editions, such as Australia’s edition of InStyle or British Vogue.

Some of the popular or noteworthy magazines you can find in Overdrive include:

Cook’s Illustrated * Cosmopolitan * Diabetic Living * Esquire * Guideposts * Highlights for Children * Kiplinger’s * Men’s Health * National Geographic * Newsweek * The New Yorker * Popular Mechanics * Reader’s Digest

Some of the titles you'll find in Flipster are:

The Atlantic * Entertainment Weekly * InStyle * People Magazine * Real Simple* Time Magazine 

and many, many others...

Happy Reading!

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