6 Black Actors Bringing Kids' Books to Life

Audiobook narrators use their voices to create a picture like an illustrator might use paint. Different choices about sound qualities like pitch, volume, and rhythm can make big changes to how a character comes across, the mood of a scene, or how immersed listeners feel in a story overall. Done well, audiobook narration adds dimension to a story, creating something new that stands on its own. And when it comes to representation of Black culture in kids' books, Black narrators can deliver powerful storytelling that enriches the representation on the page. 

There are many exceptional Black actors working in audiobook narration today. Here are just a few of the talents bringing our favorite stories to life, along with a selection of their audiobooks for kids. Place your hold today!

Actors pictured in the order below.

Guy Lockard

Imani Parks

Ron Butler

Bahni Turpin

Michael Boatman

Sisi Aisha Johnson

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