Continuing the dialogue and celebrating Black History Month w/ Fun Facts by Asmeret Tesfay

One week into February. We are glad you are here…and reading this.

WE would like to continue the momentum of celebrating and honoring our fellow Black citizens who are and have contributed to American History since they have arrived in the United States of America.

Did you know? Fun Facts:

  • Do you like eating ice cream in the Winter too? Thanks to Alfred L. Cralle (1866-1920) who created the ice cream scoop previously known as an ice cream mold.  This invention is known to be durable, effective and strong. Thank You Mr. Cralle for making our cold treat look delightful and neat.
  • You remember that time where we would quickly drop letters and cards to our family and friends in the nifty blue U.S. Postal Service mailbox located on the streets. That mailbox you still see today was created by Philip B. Downing (1857-1934). In 1897, Downing patented and called it the street mailbox. This street mailbox was previously called a letter box and now known as a mailbox. At the time, this brilliant invention was to prevent theft, poor weather conditions and for individuals to walk a distance to the post office. Thank you Mr. Downing for your brilliance and creativity.
  • Granville T. Woods, (1856-1910) a Black-American inventor, had over 60 patents and one of his forward-thinking inventions was the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph which allowed men to communicate by voice over telegraph wires that helped speed up important communication to moving trains and train stations. This communication made it possible for trains to communicate with the station and with other trains so they knew exactly where they were at all times and most importantly it improved railroad safety.  Thank You Mr. Woods for your individuality and commitment.
  • It’s getting cold out here in the Mile-High......and those who are blessed to have shelter and get warm..well we can thank Alice H. Parker (1895-1920) who invented the central heating furnace design that ran on natural gas. This eliminated the use of burning coal and wood. Parker’s design also added a feature where residents can moderate temperature in different rooms. Thank you Ms. Parker for being such a force.

We hope you enjoyed these short fun facts of these amazing brains in American History and we’ll have more for you soon.


Written by Equity on February 10, 2021