Interlibrary Loan Services— If We Don’t Have It, Request It!

If you've searched our library catalog and in Prospector and haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t be discouraged, try Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) lets you tap into the vast holdings of libraries worldwide to order the specific titles or articles you want that we don’t have at DPL: books, CDs, DVDs, microfilm, scores, maps, large print books and copies of articles as well as some of the older formats such as VHS, audio cassettes, and the occasional LP vinyl recording.

  • The interlibrary loan network includes all kinds of libraries, not just public: prison, academic, medical, legal, corporate, government, museum, theological, school.
  • We borrow and lend internationally. We always seek the closest supplier but have borrowed from libraries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America.
  • Most unusual  item we have borrowed: A braille typewriter (classified as "realia"). Some libraries lend items from their library of things, which includes items not in any of the traditional formats.

WorldCat - Placing Requests
Begin your search in WorldCat, a worldwide catalog of books, periodicals, DVDs and more. Once you've found what you are looking for, select “ILL BORROW FROM ANOTHER LIBRARY” and you will be directed to Request It to verify the information and submit the request. If you already have a citation or can’t find the item in WorldCat, you may use a blank New Request form for “Item” (any item you wish to borrow) or “Photocopy.”

Anything not available at DPL or through Prospector may be requested, including titles which are reference only at Denver Public Library. Most items can be borrowed for free. If the only potential lenders charge a fee to loan, the request will not be placed unless you have agreed to pay the lending fee.

Request It - Tracking Requests
Requests for Interlibrary Loan are tracked through the Request It system which you can always access by selecting “Services” on the top of the Denver Public Library website. Look for the “Interlibrary Loan, Prospector & Purchase Suggestions” option.

Please note: A permanent, full-privilege library card is required for ILL. For more information on Interlibrary Loan see our FAQ’s or contact us at

Written by stacey on December 8, 2017


Anonymous on December 9, 2017


You act like yall actually order things for people. I always get the message "Library will not order" But good story bruh!!


Our fill rate for Interlibrary Loan is very high and averages 85% from year to year. A loan may go unfilled if we can not find a library that will lend the item.

If you have used Request It for purchase requests, those may go unfilled if the item has not yet been released, does not meet the library's selection criteria, or is unavailable through one of our vendors. If you ever have question about why a request is not filled please contact us at