Social Distanzine Issue #3: Staff Recipes!

Hi there! Check out Issue #3 of Social Distanzine, a special edition featuring recipes beloved and devoured by our own Denver Public Library staff. It’s our hope with this project to provide a place for gathering, however virtual, and to appreciate and amplify community voices as we experience this socially distanced time.

We invite you to join in by submitting your own recipes, along with the memories that accompany them, for a future issue focused on what’s cooking in our customers’ kitchens. 

Thanks for reading (and eating)!

Written by heidi.e on December 4, 2020


Cori J, on December 15, 2020


Have thoroughly enjoyed this zine--all 3 issues. Keep up the good work!

Kathleen D on December 17, 2020


what fun!! I just found the zine -- and this is a great idea and December's issue is awesome. I am going to try out some of these recipes for sure..
Thanks for creating these!

Cathryn Conley on December 24, 2020


Such fun recipes. Looking forward to trying the singe layer chocolate cake. Yum. Thanks. Trying to find the first two issues.


Hi Carolyn! You can find the first two issues by clicking on the "social distanzine" tag above, under Heidi's blog post. Or click here!

Katelin on January 3, 2021


This is fantastic! I’m so excited to have found this zine, and I’m really looking forward to trying some of these recipes! I hope to submit one for the next issue.


We're so glad you enjoyed it, Katelin! Looking forward to your submission, we'd love to read and try out your recipe! :)


Oh my, thank you for bringing that to our attention, Katelin! We've contacted the right folks to hopefully get that worked out. Thanks again for letting us know!

*Update* The form is up and running again :)

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