Ex Libris: Denver Artists - Chelsea Lewinski

Chelsea Lewinski: Artist. Muralist. Creator. Entrepreneur.

A Denver native who’s move from digital and acrylic art in the last few years has spawned a whirlwind of murals across Colorado focusing on humans and the energies and emotions they provide.

From celebrities to icons to her friends in general, nobody's off limits to Chelsea’s spray paint can.

She has rocked Crush, Streetwise, Babewalls and most local festivals and is currently on her way to host her first gallery feature in L.A., all while raising her son and dog who can often be found by her side as she creates on the world canvas.

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Chelsea Lewinski on Art, Books, and Libraries

  1. What book as a kid, influenced your imagination to pick up a crayon and begin making art?

    I really liked the Illustrations in the Amelia Bedelia books, the way she took everything literally made for some funny stories and images. Also, the Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar had some really abstract concepts as you can imagine from a school that is 30 stories high with each classroom being on top of one another.

  2. What book are you currently reading that influences you in either a creative way or a professional way?

    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, Deepak Chopra to keep me focused and Ninth Street Women: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art by Mary Gabriel to keep me inspired with a dash of history.

  3. What do you think is the most important resource that Libraries provide to you as an artist?

    A safe space. Knowing you can go to a Library and be welcomed to dig into resources and inspiration is invaluable to artists these days. A little breathing room to get some quiet stuff done away from the grind.

  4. What is your current/favorite/most-used branch of the Denver Public Library?

    The Blair-Caldwell Branch, a nice & helpful staff and amazing Black History collection right in my neighborhood makes it one stop shopping for inspiration.

  5. If you were offered a gigantic wall on the outside of a Library, what would your paint to display what a library means to you?

    I just did a huge mural at Strive Prep school titled ‘Dreamworld’ that was based on kids being able to be kids, to use their imagination to fly high and be as creative as possible. I think I would want to do something like that, an image of a kid or kids with books wide open and dreams and imagination of all forms pouring out of them. Because that is what books are for kids, little reminders of imagination on the printed page that are universal.

Ex Libris: Denver Artists is a series featuring local street artists, focusing on their connection to books and the importance of libraries to the artistic community. Series concept and interview by Sean Ryerson.

Written by on July 17, 2021