Giving Thanks for Caregivers

It’s been an especially tough couple of years for caregivers. Between COVID lockdowns and healthcare challenges, there is even more focus put on mental health care for the caregivers. Online apps like Headspace and Happify have popped up everywhere making self-care easier for everyone to access, but if you’re looking for some time away from the tiny screen, we’ve rounded up a variety of titles that can help caregivers, and those they care for, get perspective on the energy and passion that goes into the work. And maybe find some meditations and breathing time for themselves!

Memoirs of Caregivers

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Written by Dodie on November 24, 2021


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Many caregivers have faced increased heardle game stress, isolation, and financial difficulties due to the pandemic, as well as added responsibility for providing care to loved ones who may have become ill.

<span>Linda</span> on April 12, 2023


Online apps like Headspace and Happify have become an important part of modern life, giving people easy access to tools wordle and resources to take care of themselves and improve their mental state.

<span>Tyson Maditz</span> on May 6, 2023


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