National Sewing Month: Crafting for All Ages

Adult Books

Andere, Mary

Old Needlework Boxes and Tools: Their Story and How to Collect Them

Chanin, Natalie

As makers, we tend to learn different stitches over time without thinking much about how they relate to one another. But when Natalie Chanin and her Alabama Chanin and The School of Making teams began to look at needlework closely, they realized all stitches are based on geometric grid systems--and by using grids as guides, they could make learning stitches, even seemingly elaborate ones, as easy as child's play. In The Geometry of Hand-Sewing Chanin presents their breakthrough method, featuring illustrated instructions (for both right- and left-handed stitchers) for more than 100 stitches--from the most basic straight and chain to the more fanciful feather and herringbone; photos of both right and wrong sides; and guidelines for modifying stitches to increase one's repertoire further. To simplify learning, the book also includes two plastic stitching cards die-cut with the grids on which every stitch in the book is based. These reusable cards can be stitched through for practice (just as children use lacing cards to learn to tie shoes) or used as stencils for transferring grids to fabric.

Chow, Wendy

Perfect for beginners, this quilting book features simple illustrations and easy-to-follow steps that teach you how to make up to 30 beautiful quilts in a short amount of time!

Conahan, Gillian

Handwear Handbook guides readers through techniques and tips to create all forms of hand and arm-wear, from basic cuffs and bracers to gloves, armor, and more! This book covers every step of the process to simplify glove making and offer crafters a range of pieces that adapt to any style.

Greenhall, Amelia

Whether you are just learning how to sew or want to reignite your excitement for sewing, How to Sew Clothes makes sewing feel possible. Amelia and Amy's illustrated guidance and conversational how-tos feel just like an inviting, in-person workshop. This book will have you wanting to sew every project (and will give you all the tools to make it happen).

Hall, Judy

Sanatujut: Pride in Women's Work: Copper and Caribou Inuit Clothing Traditions

Hapa, Hekima

Black Girls Sew is a nonprofit organization committed to positively impacting its community through education in sewing, design, and entrepreneurship. Black Girls Sew is based in Brooklyn.

Hewett, Jen

Be inspired by the work and stories of innovative women of color who are making exceptional contributions to the world of craft. The diverse range of textile artists featured include knitters, quilters, sewers, weavers, and more who are making inspiring and exciting work, yet who are often overlooked by mainstream media. Weaving together interviews, first-person essays, and profiles, this book explores the work and contributions of women of color across the fiber arts community, representing a wide spectrum of age, region, cultural identity, and economic class. These conversations explore the provenance of techniques and materials, belonging, identity, pride of place, cultural misappropriation, privilege, the value (or undervaluing) of craft, community support structures, recognition or exclusion, intergenerational dialogue, and much more.

Iiduka, Saki

Let this book show you the pleasure of repairing, reinforcing and making beloved items using sashiko embroidery! Sashiko for Making and Mending shows you how to use sashiko stitching to mend rips, repair things like fraying cuffs and create original accessories that look fabulous. With this book, you'll be able to embrace the visible mending movement-the practice of repairing high quality items you already own instead of replacing them with cheaper "fast fashion" alternatives.

Iris, Delilah

Includes more than a dozen patterns for making tiny animals, dolls, dollhouses, props, adorable gifts, and miniature play sets. The projects can be created as stand-alone finished works, but they can also be used to complement each other in a complete set for use in a tiny miniature world! If you have been looking for new crafting techniques to learn at home, and don?t want to buy a lot of tools and materials, creating felt miniatures is the perfect choice. Felting does not require a sewing machine and can be done using simple hand stitches and embroidery, both of which are demonstrated in the book along with stylized photo tutorials. Also included are detailed doll patterns, suggestions for materials to have on hand, and much more.

Johnson, Christi

Mystical Stitches combines hand embroidery with a spiritual element, introducing nearly 200 original designs for different symbols readers can use to create personal icons to wear or embellish items in the home.

Montenegro, Sonya

The act of mending strengthens not only the object we are repairing, but ourselves as well. The Montenegros encourage us to cherish our things by repairing them rather than discarding them. By changing our consumption habits, small mends here and there will extend the life of our garments and other household items. They introduce basic techniques such as patching, but will have options to take it a step further with decorative sashiko stitching. You'll also learn how to darn socks and mend sweaters, bedsheets, and down jackets.

Perez-Collins, Yvonne

If you love flowers as much as you love to sew, you can now make flowers that never wilt or need watering! The author covers materials needed, and gives complete instructions for all the designs in the book. With simple materials such as lace, silk or ultrasuede, readers can create three-dimensional silk flowers, ribbon flowers, cabbage roses, cactus gardens, suede mini-flowers and English ivy. Using this book you can learn how to perfect satin stitch on any fabric, how to manipulate flower edges by scalloping or serging them - there are even instructions on how to make fabric vases.

Rodabaugh, Katrina

Slow fashion influencer Katrina Rodabaugh follows her bestselling book, Mending Matters, with a comprehensive guide to building (and keeping) a wardrobe that matters. Whether you want to repair your go-to jeans, refresh a favorite garment, thrift-shop like a pro, or dye, tailor, and reinvent clothing you already have--this book has all the know-how you'll need. Woven throughout are stories, essays, and a slow fashion call-to-action, encouraging readers to get involved or deepen their commitment to changing the destructive habit of overconsumption. Rodabaugh has an engaged fan group (her kits and classes routinely sell out the first day) and a proven ability to tempt sewists and nonsewists alike to take up needle and thread.

Strutt, Laura

Hand sewing is a great way to practice mindfulness through craft. Laura Strutt has designed these 35 projects specially to develop your hand-sewing skills, but also to help you slow down, enjoy the moment, and appreciate the rewards of your work. Using a number of different techniques including visible mending, sashiko, embroidery, thread doodling, boro, and abstract embroidery, Laura shows you how to incorporate these methods into making something useful, creative, and sustainable. For the home, you can make a boro bowl from scraps of fabric, or adorn a simple cushion cover with an embroidered mandala. From your closet, revive a beanie hat by adding some floral embroidery to the rim, or use sashiko stitching on fabric-covered buttons for a new look. Decorate your home with a floating embroidery design in a hoop, or a simple banner using colourful couching stitches over twisted rope. Think of the planet as you upcycle a blouse with detail stitching and new sleeve trim, or make elbow patches to cover the holes in your favorite sweater. Whichever project you choose, take time to enjoy the process and simply sew.

Trail, Sara

An in-depth look at the mission and work of the Social Justice Sewing Academy Remembrance Project to create quilts and blocks and to share stories to commemorate the lives lost due to social injustices. Forewords by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Welsch, Casey

Includes step-by-step instructions to create a full set of foundation garments that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect just-for-you silhouette for any cosplay you build.

Kids and Teen Books

Blum, Nicole and Catherine Newman

Writtten with a little bit of sass that will appeal to 9- to 14-year-olds, Stitch Camp introduces kids to fiber crafts in a way that not only promises success in the present, but opens the potential for a passion for creating that will last a lifetime. Each of the six chapters focuses on a different fiber craft (sewing, embroidery, crochet, felting, knitting, and weaving), opening with a step-by-step introduction to the basic tools and techniques needed to get started. The basics are then supported by three specific projects, graded from total beginner to something a bit more sophisticated. Techniques will be illustrated, and the projects themselves will be created by the intended audience and photographed with kids wearing or using the items. Kids will learn how to sew bean bags (and what games to play with them), create a T-shirt dress, embroider their own "scout" badges, make toasty felted mittens and fingerless gloves, create a funky "monster" zippered change purse, knit a padded cover for their phone or table, crochet an elegant beaded bracelet or necklace, make and play with hacky sacks, and weave decorative patches on their jeans or jackets.

Mihaly, Christy

For readers who may be more interested in fashion than in math, this book highlights how math is useful and necessary for designing clothes, purchasing materials, sewing, and altering clothes, and running a fashion business. The Try It Yourself feature offers word problems to reinforce the fashion world relevance of math, while intriguing sidebars provide fun facts, historical perspectives, and information about modern designers. Each word problem focuses on a grade five Common Core skill. Topics covered include geometry (calculating volume); fractions (using equivalent fractions to add and subtract); measurements; and operations with decimals up to the hundredths place.

Myer, Sarah

The comic convention is just a few short weeks away. All Bea and Parker need now are great costumes... But won't the supplies and materials cost a fortune? Not if Bea and Parker follow a few simple instructions from Costume Critter, the world's cutest cosplayer! With Maker Comics: Create a Costume! you can create fun, easy, budget-friendly costumes. And you don't have to start from scratch: A few simple modifications can transform thrift store clothes into a variety of costumes. Even mastering the sewing machine isn't as hard as it looks! You can make amazing costumes--all you need are the right tools, a little know-how, and a lot of imagination.

Saidian, Siyavush

Even now, in the twenty-first century, there is still a major demand for products-especially arts and crafts-made by hand. Many young people enjoy pottery at school or sewing in their spare time. What many don't know, however, is that they can turn these hobbies and passions into full-fledged careers, all without a college degree. This title features in-depth suggestions for young people who want to make a living with handicrafts and offers advice on how to break into this competitive-but rewarding-industry.

Smith, Nancy

Start off your kids on a lifelong sewing adventure with simple projects they’ll love to make. Starting with basic handmade cards and accessories to learn their machine, they’ll work their way up to challenging projects like a notebook cover and drawstring backpack. With safety tips, skill-building games to play, and puzzles to practice and remember all they’ve learned, this updated second edition from sewing educators Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith is ideal for kids.

Threadgould, Tiffany

To the green and crafty kid, vintage LP covers, empty tissue boxes, and broken umbrellas are not trash--they're treasures!
Written in a teen-friendly style, ReMake It! presents 95 cool eco-smart projects--like turning an oatmeal container into a super-cute tote or creating a picture frame from an old pair of eyeglasses. Step-by-step instructions, plus a Stitchionary and fantastic full-color photos of each project, make it easy and fun to get creative …with stuff that's FREE!

Wrigley, Annabel

Includes not just sewing projects, but crafts like painting, cross-stitch and wall art. Step-by-step for kids to learn the basics of sewing and crafting.

Bilingual Books

Anderson, Lynette

This is a collection of beautiful quilted designs from top designer Lynette Anderson, focusing on a popular 'country garden' theme. The simple patchwork techniques Lynette uses are a great backdrop for the decorative appliqué and stitchery designs.

Boggon, Sharon

Este libro contiene 120 puntos de bordado esenciales para hacer diseños actuales. Incluye puntos que pueden realizar tanto los diestros como los zurdos, muy útiles para todos los bordadores, con claras instrucciones y fotografías detalladas del paso a paso y de los motivos terminados. Muestra cómo iniciarse en el bordado creativo explicando una parte muy importante de esta labor como son los materiales necesarios para poder hacer los puntos que se hayan elegido. Luego indica cómo bordar los motivos con las técnicas expuestas. Este tipo de bordado contemporáneo es una magnífica forma de expresión de gran belleza y creatividad. Cada uno elige los materiales y los puntos que quiera hacer, teniendo en cuenta que la perfección no es el factor fundamental. Lo que realmente importa en esta llamativa y original labor es disfrutar realizándola.

Clayton, Marie

A reference guide for all skill levels of sewing, with step-by-step instructions for basic to advanced techniques, and over one thousand illustrations.

Jefferys, Chris.

"Una detallada descripción del equipo básico y las técnicas de costura necesarias para aprender a coser. 14 proyectos para principiantes, desde sencillos cojines a rayas hasta cortinas, manteles, bolsos, delantales y mucho más."-- Back cover.

Ruhland, Anne.

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