Teen Space Norms and Agreements

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What is this agreement?

These Teen Space norms and agreements apply to all branches of the Denver Public Library.  This document is intended to help teen customers between the ages of 13 and 18 learn and understand codes of conduct that the library expects from all people, regardless of age, in library spaces.

What are norms?

A code of good conduct for an individual or group or the socially accepted behavior of a certain group.

Teen Space Norms

Respecting personal space means keeping your hands to yourself.

Keeping language clean means you will not use your language to offend others.

Respecting community space means you will do your part to leave the library as you find it.

Using the library responsibly means you will visit the library to engage in activities that are helpful to yourself and others, rather than harmful.

Teen Space Agreements

The library is a space where everyone is welcome. No individual has the right to make others feel unwelcome.

Everyone has a right to enjoy the services and programs provided by the library. No individual has the right to create an environment that feels unsafe or prevents others from using the library services, programs, or working with a librarian to learn something new.

The library is a space for connection and to build community.  However, keeping loudness to a reasonable level is important, so that others can use the library for activities like: reading, relaxation, or study.

Why are you agreeing to this?

Reviewing these norms and agreements means that you are signing off on them. Signing off on these norms and agreements indicates they are understood and that you agree to follow them while in library spaces. If for any reason, you cannot, you agree to leave the library and return when you can.