The Studio in the Community Technology Center

Recording studio computer, speakers, microphone, and guitars

What is the Studio?

The Studio is a self-service place to record audio and convert analog media to digital formats. You can record using Garageband or Logic Pro X in the studio space, or use the other computer to convert your old photos, slides, negatives, VHS tapes, cassettes, or records into digital files or use any of the programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud. The two computers in the Studio are available by reservation only for sessions of two hours maximum. Customers are limited to one session per day. To reserve a computer, you must have a library card and a valid photo ID. Please see the FAQ below for questions and policies.

Staff assistance is not available in the Studio unless you book a one-on-one appointment with a staff member. There are self-help guides available for the equipment available in the studio, but if you think there's any chance you'll need help, please call the Community Technology Center at 720-865-1706 to schedule a time for an orientation.

When is the Studio open?

The Studio is currently closed for the time being while the building is undergoing renovations. 

What is Available in the Studio?

There are two computers available in the studio - one for recording audio, and one for capturing and editing digital media.

Recording Studio

  • iMac with 10-channel audio interface
  • dynamic microphone
  • studio monitors
  • two sets headphones
  • Garageband
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • MIDI keyboard and drumpad

Digital Media Station

  • Cassette/Record Player
  • VCR/DVD Player
  • Scanner with carriers for 35mm film, slides, and medium format film (please request carriers at check-in)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Audacity
  • Elgato Video Capture


What are the policies for the Studio?
Outside of the information here on how to reserve and check in and out of the Studio, there are a couple policies we need you to follow:

  1. There is absolutely no food or drink inside the Studio.
  2. Customers who unplug, damage, or steal equipment will be banned from future reservations.
  3. Staff assistance with equipment and software is only available when patrons book a 1:1 appointment.


How do I get into the Studio?
First, make a reservation online or call the CTC at 720-865-1706. Again, there is no staff assistance available inside the Studio unless you make a one-on-one appointment ahead of time by calling the CTC. 

Once you've made your reservation, arrive 5 minutes early to check in. We can only hold your appointment for 10 minutes after your scheduled start time - after that, we'll open it up to other people.

During your appointment, you will need to leave a valid photo ID at the staff desk - no paper or temporary IDs will be accepted. Staff will check you in to the space, assure that everything is working and in place. When you leave, come back to the staff desk and staff will check you out - again, we'll want to walk through the Studio with you to make sure that everything is working and in place.

How long do I get to use it for?
You can make a reservation in the studio ahead of time for up to 2 hours each day. The studio is very popular, so you can only be in the studio for one session each day (even if you're in a group).

Is there someone there to help me?
We cannot provide help in the Studio unless you schedule a one-on-one appointment ahead of time. You can schedule a one-on-one with a staff member by calling us at 720-865-1706 or emailing Please note: we will not record you or make beats for you - our one-on-ones focus on teaching you how to do those things.

Why can't you help me while I'm in the Studio?
Outside of the Studio doors are 120 public computers and customers on them who need our help. Stepping into the Studio keeps us from helping them - but we're happy to schedule a one-on-one with you! Call us at 720-865-1706 or email

Can I bring in my own instruments?
Please do! Instrument cables are available for checkout, should you need them.

Can I bring in my whole band?
How close are you to your fellow band members? It is a small space - about 8' x 10' - with just enough space to assemble a drum kit. A ska band would be out of the question.