The Denver Public Library’s Plaza programming is specifically tailored to meet the needs of immigrant, refugee, and asylee populations. Plazas are a dedicated space for migrants from all over the world to connect with people, information, and resources, building Denver’s successful global community.

Plazas offer support for new immigrants including second-language conversation skills, citizenship, business networking, and more.

Plaza Voices

Cover of In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience

In honor of Black History Month, this week we share a few resources relating to the migration experiences of African Americans.

In Motion: The African American Migration Experience, by Howard Dodson and Sylviane A. Diouf, examines the many migrations, "both coerced and voluntary," that have shaped African American culture and history. Visit the project website for interactive features including image galleries, maps, and primary sources, covering the era of the transatlantic slave trade up to current immigration from Africa.

The Warmth of...

Services to New Immigrants

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