The Denver Public Library’s Plaza programming is specifically tailored to meet the needs of immigrant, refugee, and asylee populations. Plazas are a dedicated space for migrants from all over the world to connect with people, information, and resources, building Denver’s successful global community.

Plazas offer support for new immigrants including second-language conversation skills, citizenship, business networking, and more.

Plaza Voices

Lulu, a Plaza staff member & new contributor, writes:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am particularly grateful these days for the fact that I can readily access healthcare services when I need them. As winter approaches and flu season sets in, I take great comfort in knowing I can see a doctor in the case that I get seriously ill. However, there are disparities across Colorado and the U.S. as a whole in terms of health status and access to health care. The relationship between health and social conditions is well documented: socioeconomic factors such as race and ethnicity, education level and income greatly contribute to poor health outcomes. Additionally, according to the latest...

Services to New Immigrants

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