Meeting Spaces at Branch Libraries

How to Reserve a Meeting Space at a Branch Library

Fees to Reserve a Space



All reservation fees are due at time of booking.

Additional Details and Guidelines

  • Responsible party is in charge of setup, supplies, take-down and cleanup. Tables and chairs are provided. AV equipment is available at some locations however technical support is not provided. Office supplies are not available.
  • Free Wi-fi is available at all DPL locations.
  • Space at branch locations is available only during normal hours of operation. Exceptions include the Central Library, Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library and Sam Gary Branch Library. For information about Central, contact the Event Coordinator at 720-865-2078. For information about Blair-Caldwell and Sam Gary, call the main number for the branch.
  • When booking a space, please allow time for setup and take-down. Reservation time should include room setup, take-down and cleanup. Responsible party or attendees will not have access to the meeting space until the reserved time. Meeting spaces must be vacated and left clean 15 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Reservation must be made a day in advance.
  • Signage is not allowed outside of the meeting space. Signage inside the meeting space may not be affixed to any surface.
  • Meeting attendees must enter through the main entrance to the branch.
  • Rental of the entire branch cannot be accommodated.
  • Check with staff at branch for information about parking.
  • Alcoholic beverages are only allowed at Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library and Central Library event spaces.

Meeting Spaces

Branch Library Location Meeting Rooms
Conference Rooms
Study Rooms
(First come first serve)
Athmar Park Capacity: 40;
whiteboard, Mondopad
Bear Valley Capacity: 50;
2 small conference rooms (10 people ea.)  
Blair-Caldwell Capacity: 15 and 90;
whiteboard, Mondopad, projector
  3 study rooms (one 6-person, two 2-person)
Byers Capacity: 25;
whiteboard, Mondopad
Decker Capacity: 48;
Field Capacity: 25;
Ford-Warren Capacity: 36 and 72 (undivided 108);
whiteboard, projector
1 small conference room (8 people); whiteboard 2 study rooms (3 people ea.)
Green Valley Ranch Capacity: 86 (dividable, 43 ea.);
whiteboard, projector, SMART Board
3 small conference rooms (4 people ea.) 2 study rooms (3 people ea.)
Hadley Capacity: 58 (dividable, 29 ea.);
whiteboard, projector
1 small conference room (10 people) 2 study rooms (2 people ea.)
Hampden Capacity: 40 (dividable, 20 ea.);
whiteboard, projector
Montbello Capacity: 40;
Park Hill Capacity: 67;
Pauline Robinson Capacity: 10;
  2 study rooms (1 person ea.)
Rodolfo Gonzales Capacity: 75 and 15;
5 small conference rooms w/ whiteboards (4 people ea.)  
Ross-Barnum Capacity: 35;
  1 study room (2 people)
Ross-Cherry Creek Capacity: 90;
screen, projector and whiteboard
2 small conference rooms (6 and 8 people)  
Ross-University Hills Capacity: 12 and 50;
whiteboard both rooms
  3 study rooms (one 4-person and two 2-person)
Sam Gary Capacity: 100 (dividable, 50 ea.);
whiteboard, projector, SMART Board, microphone
5 small conference rooms w/ whiteboards (two 8-person, three 4-person)  
Schlessman Family Capacity: 50;
  3 study rooms (one 3-person and two 2-person)
Smiley Capacity: 46    
Valdez-Perry Capacity: 25   3 study rooms (one 4-person, two 2-person)
Virginia Village Capacity: 65;
manual projection screen
  2 study rooms (3 people ea.)
Woodbury Capacity: 40;
whiteboard, projector


Denver Public Library Meeting Space Policy and Terms of Use