Tis the Season: Wintry Reads for Kids

Grab some hot chocolate and a blanket and snuggle up with these winter stories!
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Betancourt-Perez, Jessica

Newly arrived from Colombia, Isabella's first day of school in the United States is cancelled because of snow and when Isabella notices a girl playing outside she makes a new friend, despite the language barrier.


Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa. But she is spending Christmas with her granny in Canada. She can't wait to see snow for the first time! And how will it feel to be so far from home?

by Deborah Bruss, Lou Fancher, and Steve Johnson

As the town goes to sleep, a snowstorm begins, and the man who drives the snowplow goes to work, keeping the streets clear throughout the night.

Bruchac, James

A whimsical wintertime fable finds Rabbit using a traditional Iroquois drum and song to perform a snow dance, irritating his fellow creatures by causing incremental snowfall amounts well into the spring.

Busby, Ailie

There's something special about each season of the year, wherever we live in the world. Follow the children in this book as they discover and explore the unique character of winter, through indoor and outdoor play. Sensory, detailed and engaging, this is the perfect introduction for young children to the cycles of the year. 

Camper, Cathy

Walking to her grandmother's home to help make warak enab, Lina discovers many ways to hear snow, from the scrape of a shovel on a sidewalk to the quiet pats of snowman-building.

Cordell, Matthew

Cornbread LOVES planning. Poppy does not. Cornbread ADORES preparing. Poppy does not. Cornbread IS ready for winter. Poppy...is not. But Cornbread and Poppy are the best of friends, so when Poppy is left without any food for the long winter, Cornbread volunteers to help her out. Their search leads them up, up, up Holler Mountain, where these mice might find a new friend...and an old one

Dale, Angela H.

A group of neighborhood kids keep themselves entertained as they bide their time waiting for the bus until a snow day is called, much to everyone's delight.

Day, Christine

After an injury sidelines her dreams of becoming a ballet star, Maisie is not excited for her blended family's midwinter road trip along the coast, near the Makah community where her mother grew up.

Dealey, Erin

After the worst snowstorm of the year, a young girl wishes on a snow globe that everyone will come out to play and share a dream of peace.

Fleming, Denise

A snowman comes alive as the child building it adds pieces during the first ten days of winter.

Gianferrari, Maria

Pancake ice, floebergs, glaciers, icicles...cold temperatures create an astonishing variety of ice forms! Welcome winter with a poetic exploration of ice on land and at sea in this evocative and atmospheric picture book.

Kalluk, Celina

This beautiful bedtime poem, written by acclaimed Inuit throat singer Celina Kalluk, describes the gifts given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic. Lyrically and tenderly told by a mother speaking to her own little "Kulu," an Inuktitut term of endearment often bestowed upon babies and young children, this visually stunning book is infused with the traditional Inuit values of love and respect for the land and its animal inhabitants.

Kelkar, Supriya

Harpreet Singh has a different color for every mood and occasion, from pink for dancing to bhangra beats to red for courage. He especially takes care with his patka--his turban--smoothing it out and making sure it always matches his outfit. But when Harpreet's mom finds a new job in a snowy city and they have to move, all he wants is to be invisible. Will he ever feel a happy sunny yellow again?

Kulekjian, Jessica

When winter comes, animals seem to know just what to do. From frogs to deer to dragonflies, whether they're hiding, seeking or simply staying put, many animals have found ingenious ways to survive the cold. In this poetic exploration of just how they do that, expressive text and non-fiction sidebars seamlessly combine to carry young readers through late fall to early spring.

Lamba, Marie

A winter's day is transformed from bleak to beautiful by warm friendship and a new perspective in a gentle story that encourages the appreciation and celebration of cozy pleasures and quiet joys.

Lin, Grace

When winter comes, Mommy makes a soft bed for Little Snow to sleep on, but each night he cannot resist jumping on the bed, causing tiny feathers to fly down.

Otheguy, Emma

Gabo, shy with other children and having no sled or winter clothing, yearns to go sledding and his neighbor's granddaughter, Isa, helps him find a way.

Pak, Kenard

In a simple, cheerful conversation with nature, two young children witness how the season changes from autumn to winter.

Park, Hyunmin

Celebrates the magic and wonder of deep winter snow.

Phi, Bao

Upset after being bullied, Thuy, a Vietnamese American, pretends she is different creatures, including an especially strong, wonderful being made up of her two mothers and herself. Includes note about the phoenix and the Sarabha.

Sayre, April Pulley

A photographic non-fiction picture book about the wonder of snowfall and the winter water cycle.

Sidman, Joyce.

Let snow fall overnight and change the world before morning, making it "slow and delightful and white.

Sidman, Joyce

In this outstanding picture book collection of poems by Newbery Honor-winning poet, Joyce Sidman ("Song of the Water Boatman," " Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night"), discover how animals stay alive in the wintertime and learn about their secret lives happening under the snow. Paired with stunning linoleum print illustrations by Rick Allen, that celebrate nature's beauty and power.

Spurr, Elizabeth

In this gently rhyming board book, a young girl makes a snowman, sleds, and has other winter fun!

Willey, Kira

An introduction to mindfulness shows readers how to take control of their emotions and breathe their way to calm.

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