Poetry Books for Children

Cover Image of Eb & Flow
Baptist, Kelly J.

In this dual-POV novel in verse, Black seventh graders Ebony "Eb" Wilson and De'Kari "Flow" Flood contemplate the conflict that sees them both suspended from school. A ten-day suspension has tweens De'Kari and Ebony seeing the world with a fresh perspective. Don't miss this poignant novel in verse from the award-winning author of Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero. Two kids. One fight. No one thinks they're wrong.

Cover image of How to Write a Poem
Alexander, Kwame

From this first stanza, readers are invited to pay attention--and to see that paying attention itself is poetry. Kwame Alexander and Deanna Nikaido's playful text and Melissa Sweet's dynamic, inventive artwork are paired together to encourage readers to listen, feel, and discover the words that dance in the world around them--poems just waiting to be written down.

Cover image of Champion Chompers, Super Stinkers, and Other Poems by Extraordinary Animals
Ashman, Linda

Step right up, animal lovers! It's your turn to judge in this poetic competition of superlative animal abilities. Structured as a guessing game competition, and told through deftly crafted persona poems, the book celebrates animals' standout qualities, from the biggest (blue whale) to the smallest (shrew), with all the favorite creatures (speedy cheetahs, long-necked giraffes) plus some less common animals with equally amazing abilities (long-lived tortoises, deep-dwelling snailfish and more). Each playful persona poem is told from the point of view of a different animal and invites readers to guess who's the fastest flyer, strongest biter, best artist -- even the smelliest! The entertaining, spirited poems are followed by a page turn that shows readers if their guess was correct and offers non-fiction information about each critter. At the end of the book, readers are invited to pick their favorite creature -- but with poems this charming, and bright illustrations full of personality, it will be hard to choose. This winning combination of animal science and poetry is a perfect pick for even the youngest animal lovers.

Cover Image of Poems to Learn by Heart
Kennedy, Caroline

For this companion to her "New York Times"-bestselling collection "A Family of Poems," Kennedy has hand-selected more than 100 of her favorite poems that lend themselves to memorization.

Cover image of Like a Hurricane
Bécotte, Jonathan

A young teen's secret is tearing him apart. He knows he is gay but is afraid to share this knowledge with his parents or his friends. What if they reject him? And what can he do with the feelings he has for his childhood friend when he knows his friend does not feel the same way? The turmoil continues to rise with the force of a hurricane―total destruction seems almost certain.

Cover image of Welcome to the Wonder House
Dotlich, Rebecca Kai

In the Wonder House, each room is filled with poems and objects to inspire... The rooms in this house are a road map for finding wonder--twelve rooms in all, housing twenty-nine poems and wondrous images.

Cover image of The Sculptors of Light : Poems About Cuban Women Artists
Engle, Margarita

From folk art to photography, architecture to painting, sculpture to music, female Cuban artists have long gone unnoticed on a global scale. This poetry collection highlights the lives and legacies of eight Cuban women who have redefined art in their communities.

Cover image of Something, Someday
Gorman, Amanda

Sometimes the world feels broken. And problems seem too big to fix. But somehow, we all have the power to make a difference. With a little faith, and maybe the help of a friend, together we can find beauty and create change. ... [This book] reveals how even the smallest gesture can have a lasting impact.

Cover image of Remember
Harjo, Joy

Picture book adaptation of the renowned poem that encourages young readers to reflect on family, nature, and their heritage. In simple and direct language, Harjo, a member of the Mvskoke Nation, urges readers to pay close attention to who they are, the world they were born into, and how all inhabitants on earth are connected. Michaela Goade, drawing from her Tlingit culture, has created vivid illustrations that make the words come alive in an engaging and accessible way.

Cover image of My Head Has a Bellyache : And More Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups
Harris, Chris

A witty, illustrated collection of humorous (and sometimes even heartwarming) poems and nonsense inspired by the absurdities of everyday life

Cover image of Marshmallow Clouds: Two Poets at Play Among Figures of Speech
Kooser, Ted

A freewheeling romp through the world of imagery and metaphor, this quietly startling collection of thirty poems, framed by the four elements, is about art and reality, fact and fancy. Look around: what do you see? A clown balancing a pie in a tree, or an empty nest perched on a leafless branch? As poet Connie Wanek alludes to in her afterword--a lively dialogue with former US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser--sometimes the simplest sights and sounds "summon our imaginations" and cry out to be clothed in the alchemical language of poetry. This compendium of the fleeting and unexpected turns the everyday--turtles, trees, and tadpoles; cow pies, lazy afternoons, and pillowy white marshmallows--into poetic gold.

Cover image of Good Different
Kuyatt, Meg Eden

Seventh-grader Selah Godfrey knows that to be "normal" she has to keep her feelings tightly controlled when people are around, but after hitting a fellow student, she needs to figure out just what makes her different--and why that is ok. Told in verse.

Cover image of Everything Comes Next: Collected & New Poems
Nye, Naomi Shihab

Everything Comes Next contains Naomi Shihab Nye's most beloved poems, including 'Famous,' 'A Valentine for Ernest Mann,' 'Kindness,' and 'Gate A-4,' as well as new, unpublished poems. It is an introduction to the poet's work for new readers, as well as a comprehensive edition for classrooms.

Cover image of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers
Rogers, Fred

Lyrics to seventy-five songs from the children's television programs Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and The Children's Corner, collected and presented as an illustrated treasury of poems. Lyrics explore topics such as feelings, new siblings, everyday life, and imagination.

Cover image of We Are Branches
Sidman, Joyce

Branches are all around us: in butterfly wings, on gecko toes, in flowers, frost, and mud. Whether as electricity moving across the sky or rivers flowing to the sea, branches are nature's most efficient way to spread and to connect. They are even found inside our own bodies, helping us reach and grow with each breath and heartbeat. Branches--strong, hopeful, beautiful--are the shape of life. How many can you find [in this illustrated poem]?

Cover image of Super Small: Miniature Marvels of the Natural World
Stone, Tiffany

From a bestselling illustrator, this utterly unique comic-style book for kids 4 to 8 explores super-small creatures with astounding abilities. Did you know that some of the smallest creatures on Earth have real-life superpowers? The minute oribatid mite can lift more than 1,000 times its own weight. A tiny type of salamander (called an axolotl) can regrow body parts. And the almost microscopic tardigrade? It can survive practically anywhere, even in outer space! Acclaimed author Tiffany Stone combines comic panels and poems to share incredible facts about our world's miniature marvels, while illustrator Ashley Spires' zany cartoon-style illustrations make these itty-bitty superheroes (and supervillains) pop from the page. From glow-in-the-dark sharks to immortal jellyfish and tiny cats with lethal aim, Super Small shows readers that just because you are small, it doesn't mean you aren't super--and sometimes being small can be super in and of itself.

Cover image of Warrior Girl
Tafolla, Carmen

A novel in verse about the joys and struggles of a Chicana girl who is a warrior for her name, her history, and her right to choose what she celebrates in life.

Cover image for The Dream Train: Poems for Bedtime
Taylor, Sean

This treasury of thirty poems to lull little ones to sleep explores the bedtime ritual with warmth, tenderness, and gentle humor, from sleepy bats, dreaming ducks, and a favorite blanket to the sounds of a dream train coming down the tracks.

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