21 Picture Books Like "The Snowy Day" to Read This Winter

The Snowy Day Book Cover


Do you remember reading The Snowy Day as a child? This classic picture book by Ezra Jack Keats, first published in 1962, was one of the first to showcase a child of color experiencing the everyday wonders of winter. The book beautifully captures the thrill of a world transformed by snow as well as that warm, cozy feeling we get after a long day playing in the cold. Year after year, stories like The Snowy Day become part of cherished winter memories in their own right. We've gathered 21 similar titles to help your family build new cozy memories. So grab a blanket and your library card and get ready to enjoy these with a child in your life!

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I’m Going to Build a Snowman Book Cover
Awan, Jashar

A young child sets out to build the best snowman ever.

The Magical Snowflake Book Cover
Ford, Bernette G.

It's the middle of winter, it's very cold, and Ori and her friends want to play outside. But there's no snow! Ori makes a wish, and soon a special snowflake brings delight to an entire town.

A Thousand White Butterflies Book Cover
Betancourt-Perez, Jessica

Newly arrived from Colombia, Isabella's first day of school in the United States is cancelled because of snow and when Isabella notices a girl playing outside she makes a new friend, despite the language barrier.

When Winter Comes: Discovering Wildlife in Our Snowy Woods Book Cover
Bissonette, Aimée M.

This story focuses on wildlife in winter and the joy of being outdoors during the winter months.

Winter = Invierno Book Cover
Busby, Ailie

There's something special about each season of the year, wherever we live in the world. Follow the children in this book as they discover and explore the unique character of winter, through indoor and outdoor play. Sensory, detailed and engaging, this is the perfect introduction for young children to the cycles of the year. 

Ten Ways to Hear Snow Book Cover
Camper, Cathy

Walking to her grandmother's home to help make warak enab, Lina discovers many ways to hear snow, from the scrape of a shovel on a sidewalk to the quiet pats of snowman-building.

Bus Stop Book Cover
Dale, Angela H.

A group of neighborhood kids keep themselves entertained as they bide their time waiting for the bus until a snow day is called, much to everyone's delight.

Snow Globe Wishes Book Cover
Dealey, Erin

After the worst snowstorm of the year, a young girl wishes on a snow globe that everyone will come out to play and share a dream of peace.

The First Day of Winter Book Cover
Fleming, Denise

A snowman comes alive as the child building it adds pieces during the first ten days of winter.

Snow Falls Book Cover
Gardner, Kate

An introduction to the magic, beauty, and fun of snow for very young readers, perfect for fans of Ezra Jack Keats' classic The Snowy Day. Snow softens, snow tricks, snow tracks, snow glows, and snow snows and snows and snows, transforming a small village into a winter wonderland. A girl and her dog set out and make the most of every snow-filled moment: sledding, building snowmen and snowforts, making snowangels (and snowdogs), and drinking cocoa by a cozy fire as the snow continues to fall.

My Winter City Book Cover
Gladstone, James

A boy, his father and their dog have a perfect day in a snowy city.

Malaika's Winter Carnival Book Cover
Hohn, Nadia L.

Nadia L. Hohn's prose, written in a blend of standard English and Caribbean patois, tells a warm story about the importance of family, especially when adjusting to a new home. 

Just One Flake Book Cover
Jonker, Travis

Determined to catch a perfect snowflake, Liam sticks out his tongue and tries a number of tricks, all to no avail, but after giving it one last shot, he grabs one in an unexpected way.

Into the Snow Book Cover
Kaneko, Yuki

A child plays in the snow and experiences the sensory joys of winter and independence.

A Big Bed for Little Snow Book Cover
Lin, Grace

When winter comes, Mommy makes a soft bed for Little Snow to sleep on, but each night he cannot resist jumping on the bed, causing tiny feathers to fly down.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Winter Night Book Cover
Litwin, Megan

Celebrate winter with this magical twist on a beloved nursery rhyme that brings the shimmering season of lights to life.

A Sled for Gabo Book Cover
Otheguy, Emma

Gabo, shy with other children and having no sled or winter clothing, yearns to go sledding and his neighbor's granddaughter, Isa, helps him find a way.

When the Snow Falls Book Cover
Sweeney, Linda Booth

A snowy day includes a journey with Grandma from home in the country to her house in town, sledding, snow angels, and cozy cuddling with Grandpa by the fire.

We Want Snow!: A Wintry Chant Book Cover
Swenson, Jamie

Three children imagine the fun they will have when it snows, but when the flurries start, they get more than they bargained for.

First Snow Book Cover
Viau, Nancy

Neighbors don their winter gear and head into the icy air to build snowmen and igloos, race sleds, and throw snowballs before returning to the warmth of their homes.

Is This...Winter? Book Cover
Yoon, Helen

For one spirited little puppy, winter means romping in the snow, birds to chase, fragrant evergreen trees, and joy, joy, joy! Then again, winter also means--oddly unfriendly deer? Millions of little lights? Contorting inflatable snowmen? Wait, what? If this is all winter, too, then winter is kind of weird.

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