LGBTQIA+ Recommendations for Kids and Families

Pronouns are words that may be used in place of your name. What are the words that best match to how you feel inside?

Every young child is enchanted by the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Now, toddlers can learn all about the meaning of each color of the pride flag. Told in simple, engaging text and paired with bright illustrations, this board book explains the colors of this rainbow and how simple acts of kindness can brighten up our world!

Stevenson, Robin

In this photographic concept book, babies and toddlers are introduced to the PRIDE flag and the meaning behind each color.

Membrino, Anna

Perfect for reading aloud with its rhyming, rhythmic text, this picture book finds two mommies sharing a perfect day with their little one, from visiting animals on a farm to bedtime snuggles.

Genhart, Michael

Children from different kinds of families demonstrate the original meanings of the colors in the rainbow flag, and then come together at a Pride parade.

Sima, Jessie

While shopping with her two dads for supplies for her birthday party, Harriet, who is wearing a penguin costume, is carried away by a waddle of penguins and must hatch a plan in order to get herself back to the store in the city.

Stevenson, Robin

A rhyming alphabet book featuring a family who have lost their dog at a Pride parade.

McGinty, Alice B.

Dad has posted a list of chores for the family to do before grandma comes, including bathing the cat; but the cat does not want a bath, so she mixes up the instructions, and soon the family is mowing the floor, vacuuming the lawn, mopping the baby--and the house is in chaos.

Also available as an ebook.

LaCour, Nina

When her mother goes on a business trip, a little girl, who loves to sit between Mama and Mommy at the table, misses her a lot and feels empty until Mommy finally comes home, filling the void with love.

Also available as an audio ebook.

Martínez, Ernesto Javier

A reclamation of the Mexican serenata tradition, follow the story of a young boy who asks his father if there is a song for a boy who loves a boy.

Brockington, Ryan

A little girl explains how families, including hers, come in many shapes and sizes--some with a mom and a dad, some with two dads, some with two moms, and more.

Donovan, Sam

Daddy is the Mystery Reader at Tori's school today, and he's coming dressed as Miss Rita! Tori helps Daddy gloss, glitter, glamour, and glimmer to get ready. It takes time--because sparkle is serious business! 

Thorn, Theresa

Some people are boys. Some people are girls. Some people are both, neither, or somewhere in between. This sweet, straightforward exploration of gender identity will give children a fuller understanding of themselves and others. 

Pearlman, Robb

Mr. Stephen is a great librarian, but when it comes to crafts and story time no one does it better than substitute librarian Ms. Stacks.

Wild, Charlotte Sullivan

Shy Violet attempts to show another girl how she feels on Valentine's Day.

Also available as an ebook.

Prager, Sarah

A nonfiction book for kids profiling 14 influential and inspiring leaders in the LGBTQ+ community throughout history and the world with an author's note at the back.

Neal, Trinity

A dedicated mom puts love into action as she creates the perfect rainbow-colored wig for her transgender daughter, based on the real-life experience of mother-daughter advocate duo Trinity and DeShanna Neal.

Sanders, Rob

A powerful and timeless true story that will allow young readers to discover the rich and dynamic history of the Stonewall Inn and its role in the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement--a movement that continues to this very day. 

Rivera, Lilliam

In early 1960s Florida, sixteen-year-old Goldie, an aspiring detective at the Crossed Palms Resort Hotel, investigates when a diamond-encrusted swim cap goes missing during the filming of a movie at the resort.

Also available as a Readalong, ebook, and audio ebook.

Machias, Jules

Jules Machias explores identity, gender fluidity, and the power of friendship and acceptance in this dual-narrative story about two kids who join forces to save a dog . . . but wind up saving each other.

Also available as an ebook.

Sass, A. J.

Ellen, an autistic thirteen-year-old, navigates a new city, shifting friendships, a growing crush, and her queer and Jewish identities while on a class trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Also available as an ebook and audio ebook.

Oshiro, Mark

After eleven-year-old David Bravo wishes for a do-over of a disastrous day of middle school, he and a shapeshifting spirit guide try to right a wrong in his past.

Also available as an ebook and audio ebook.

Tureaud, Maria

Twelve-year-old Sophie and her 300-year-old best vampire friend Delphine break into a secret government facility to find a cure for the illness causing vampires to go rogue.

Also available as an ebook and audio ebook.

Pancholy, Maulik

Thirteen-year-old Nikhil Shah is the beloved voice actor for Raj Reddy on the hit animated series Raj Reddy in Outer Space. But being a star on TV doesn't mean you have everything figured out behind the scenes. . . .

Also available as an ebook and audio ebook

Zhao, Xiran Jay

After his augmented reality gaming headset is possessed by the spirit of the First Emperor of China, twelve-year-old Chinese American Zack Ying is compelled to travel across China to steal an ancient artifact, fight figures from Chinese history and myth, and seal a portal to prevent malicious spirits from destroying the human realm.

Also available as an ebook and audio ebook.

Leyh, Kat

During a search for her missing beloved dog, Snap befriends her town's witch, who rescues Snap's injured dog and helps Snap discover the strange magic within herself.

Also available as an ebook.

Callender, Kacen

Twelve-year-old Kingston James is sure his brother Khalid has turned into a dragonfly. When Khalid unexpectedly passed away, he shed what was his first skin for another to live down by the bayou in their small Louisiana town. Khalid still visits in dreams, and King must keep these and other secrets to himself as he watches grief transform his family.

Sturges, Lilah

Three years ago, Ash's mom left home and never returned, leaving behind a husband and child and a shed full of mystical curiosities related to the all-girl fantasy world she'd created as a child -- Koretris. 

Lukoff, Kyle

When Annabelle learns that her father shares something big--and surprising--in common with her new nonbinary friend, she begins to see herself, and her family, in a whole new light.

Also available as an ebook and audio ebook.

This illustrated nonfiction anthology is a collection of stories, essays, poetry, and art by transgender youth.

Also available as an ebook.

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