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Looking for something new to read? Check out this list of new and coming soon picture books to share with your little one. You can place a hold in the catalog by clicking on a title. 

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Allende, Isabel

In the first children's book written by critically acclaimed, New York Times-bestselling superstar Isabel Allende, Perla, the mighty dog, teaches her human brother, Nico Rico, how to use his superpowers to stand up to a bully.

Brown-Wood, Janay

Author and poet JaNay Brown-Wood's cumulative tale, similar to "The House That Jack Built," starts promisingly: "Here are the seeds that we will sow to help our garden grow." But as time passes, the children quickly learn that things rarely go as planned in the garden. Plants will droop without enough sun and wilt without enough water. Suddenly, "OH NO!" becomes the children's repeated refrain. Eventually, the pair come to see that nature itself provides everything a magnificent garden needs to flourish!

Flett, Julie

An extraordinary book that celebrates skateboarding, family, and community. Every day, a little boy watches kids pass by on skateboards, and dreams of joining them. One day, his mother brings a surprise: her old skateboard, just for him! haw êkwa! Let's go! Together, they practice on the sidewalk, at the park, in Auntie's yard--everywhere. But when it comes time to try the skatepark, the skateboarders crash down like a waterfall. Can he find the confidence to join them?

Hest, Amy

George is an old dog, and he doesn't run fast anymore. But he still needs a walk, and each day, Mother, Dad, and the big kids take turns. Rosie, the little one, trails behind. George doesn't hurry. And he always, always keeps an eye on Rosie. 

Iman, Ashley

A debut picture book about a curious student who finds herself in trouble for talking in class--even though she just wants to share all that she's learned.

Kane, Karen

Two best friends use rhyming ASL to help vanquish their fear of the monster under the bed in this fun, interactive bedtime readaloud.

MacKay, Raquel

I Hear a Búho is a rhyming story with text in English and Spanish, which encompasses language, the parent-child bond, nature, and the benefit of being still, and listening.

Matias, Carlos

Ernesto has waited his whoooole life to become a niño grande. A big boy. Now he's finally old enough to walk the six blocks to school without his parents. Every morning, his mom hands him a shiny new quarter and reminds him they're for emergencies. If Ernesto needs her, she's only a pay phone call away. But each day reveals a tempting new treat to enjoy with his friends: crisp packs of baseball cards, arcade games, hot tamales, and fresh juices! Ernesto has the coins jingling in his pocket, so how will he choose to spend them?

Mikai, Monica

A little girl visits a beautiful city garden, learning a world of wisdom from all the flowers.

Rivera, Matthew

A young boy learns to care for his own plant, proudly taking after his gardener father.

Vere, Ed

Gabriel the elephant dreams of being part of the lifeboat crew in his seaside town, but he is too young, and too little. But soon, Gabriel grows up and he is too . . . BIG! Disappointed but undaunted, Gabriel makes a plan. He hammers and chops, saws and sands, and builds his very own boat.

Wadhwani, Zenia

A picture book about a little girl who gets into her mom's saris and makes a glorious, colorful mess and discovers the memories attached to each sari.

Wells, Allen R.

A joyful picture book debut that encourages kids to take pride in themselves and know that they are loved no matter what.

Winter, Jonah

Told entirely in birdsong, peeks behind the curtain into the glorious musicality of birds. Includes information about birds in the cast.

Yuly, Toni

With catchy, cheer-squad exuberant text and striking torn-paper art, this simple science-based picture book celebrates what a pelican can do and will have young readers chanting joyfully along!

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