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Adusei, Denise Rosario

In this powerful and inspiring picture book, a deaf girl stands up for herself and takes off her shoes while dancing at her Carnival performance so she can feel the music through her bare feet.

Beckmeyer, Drew

It's the first day of school. An artist wonders if her drawings are good enough to show. An inventor is excited for show and tell. A group of competitive friends call themselves the Sport Kings (but nobody else does). Pat, the class pet, listens to the weird sounds humans make. The teacher is ready to start. When the new student gets to class, things take a turn for the unusual. There's something a little strange about the visitor--maybe even something out-of-this-world.

Cepeda, Joe

Max loves to wrestle, and thinks lucha libre is the best sport ever! Kenji loves to wrestle, and thinks sumo wrestling is the best sport ever times 1000! What was an enjoyable day showing off their favorite wrestling moves has now turned into a nasty disagreement. But when Max and Kenji go their separate ways, they quickly learn that wrestling is no fun by yourself.

Crespo, Ana

During a hike, a mother and daughter discuss the meaning of the Portuguese word "saudade," an intense longing for something or someone.

Ellenwood, Rushie

When Nolan is invited to a birthday party at the roller rink, they are so excited. They pick out the perfect, sparkling outfit, tie on their snazzy skates, and join their friends for a day of roller skating bliss. But when the DJ calls for a boys skate followed by a girls skate, Nolan feels left out. With courage and a strong sense of self, Nolan bravely requests a song for EVERYONE. This powerful and joyful picture book uplifts and celebrates nonbinary children.

Finan, Sarah

From donning helmets in places where things clatter and clonk to wearing masks around people who cough or chatter, this is a lively look at the many items we wear to stay safe.

Frawley, Katie

A lonely porcupine is ecstatic to find another spiky specimen and best friend in a Cactus, but after a miscommunication, Porcupine decides Cactus is downright prickly, and the two must mend their friendship.

Gunnufson, Charlotte

Climb aboard the Dream Submarine and set your course for an eveningtide lullaby in this illustrated, illuminating journey of maritime enchantment.

Jenkins, Emily

Today is Bike's first day on the job as a community bicycle. She's parked on the street and ready to go. But what if nobody wants to ride her? Bike feels a little nervous. Then she meets her first rider-Sunita. Soon Bike is off, taking Sunita to her destination, and before long, many other riders to where they want to go.

Marino, Gianna

Earl likes the inside and likes feeling safe. He also likes his friends to be safe and is quick to point out the many dangers of the outside, where his friends are determined to explore. No matter how hard they try to convince Earl to come outside to play, he won't change his mind. But...what if Earl needs to go outside? What will it take for his friends to convince him? What will it take for Earl to feel safe on the outside?

Menon, Anna

As Polaris Dawn crewmember, engineer, and mother Anna Menon gets ready to take off into space, she penned this sweet picture book as a love letter to her kids-reimagining their family as a tight-knit clan of adventurous dragons who love each other across any distance!

Rhodes, Jewell Parker

Follow one girl's journey to discover the joy and history of step dancing- an ode to sisterhood and a strong mother-daughter bond, perfect for fans of Bunheads.

Seales, Stephanie

In the early hours before dawn, a young girl and her father greet their horses and ride together through the waking city streets. As they trot along, Daddy tells cowboy stories filled with fun and community, friendship, discovery, and pride. Seeing her city from a new vantage point and feeling seen in a new way, the child discovers that she too is a cowboy--strong and confident in who she is.

Woodfolk, Ashley

At the beach, everyone has beach hair. There's twisty and twirly hair, flossy and glossy hair, hair that's barely there, and hair that's everywhere. The best part about a beach day is the belonging and joy that everyone feels when they let their hair run as wild and free as the sea.

Wynter, Anne

Patrick likes everything to be just-so, which is why he likes to cook. The meals he makes are always "exquisite," "delicious," and "absolutely perfect." So when his birthday rolls around, Patrick knows exactly what he wants to do. However, Patrick's big brother, Russ, is not perfect. When Russ makes a mistake on Patrick's party invitation, Patrick thinks his birthday is ruined. But is it?

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