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Aldridge, Ethan M.

Agatha has always dreamed of the stars. But when a chance encounter introduces her to the Lady of the Hills, Agatha is shocked to learn that a secret magical world lays hidden in the mist-shrouded land next to her village. She finds herself quickly captivated by the Lady, but is the Lady who she appears to be?

Arnold, Marie

Ten-year-old Sunny Williams is resilient--she knows this because it's what her beloved grandma, Nanna, always tells her. So when Nanna is put into a care home after her memory loss issues get worse and social workers intend to put Sunny and her seven-year-old brother, Miles, into a foster home, she takes charge and hatches a plan for them to avoid getting split up.

Badua, Tracy

The Great British Bake Off meets Knives Out in this fun and propulsive middle grade novel following two best friends who must solve the mystery behind a baking competition gone awry.

Calin, Cassandra

Lia and her family are waiting to board a flight across the Atlantic, leaving behind family, friends, and Romania -- the only home Lia has ever known. But Lia's heartache is overshadowed by the discomfort of her first period. As if things weren't difficult enough! Now Lia is thrust into a world where everything is different: her home, her language, and even her body. With so many changes happening at once, Lia struggles with schoolwork, has trouble communicating with classmates, and has no idea how to manage her unpleasant periods. Will she ever feel like herself again?

Gutman, Dan

Five kids across centuries recount the history of Cleopatra's Needle, from its construction in ancient Egypt to moving it across the ocean to New York city in the 19th century.

Kapit, Sarah

Rachel is not one for rules, but when a meet-and-greet with her favorite gymnast is at risk, she must be on her best behavior, especially at synagogue.


Three Latin American folktales include the story of La Yuna, a mermaid who lures men to her underwater domain, the tale of La Lechuza, an enormous owl with the face of a woman, and two gauchos' encounter with La Luz Mala, a spooky light that terrorizes travelers.

Marr, Shirley

Rebecca Stead's The List of Things That Will Not Change gets a "Space Oddity" sci-fi twist in this moving middle grade novel about one boy's journey to go back in time to prevent his parents' divorce.

Martin, Laura

Rhett and his brother, Nash, have never been allowed to play board games. It's their mom's most important rule; the twins don't know why, but they know not to push her on it. When their mom suddenly disappears, they're reunited with Ace, their long-lost grandfather, who reveals that their family is descended from a board game character who escaped his game and lived in the real world.

Palmer, Caroline

A heartwarming middle grade graphic novel following two nonbinary kids who navigate anxiety and identity all while having fun and forming friendships at their summer orchestra camp.

Quigley, Dawn

With lyrical verse and powerful emotion, Dawn Quigley (Ojibwe) tells the story of urban Native kids who find strength in connection with those who came before and in the hope that lets them take flight.

Riley, Ronnie

Eden Jones is a nonbinary kid who has Social Anxiety Disorder, and when their mother announces she is throwing a birthday party and inviting all their friends they are thrown into a panic--because while Eden's three "friends" are all real kids at school they have almost never actually spoken to any of them.

Sanchez, Carlos

Chiri is a fun-loving super cook looking for fresh adventures and ingredients, but her love of exploration has landed her in some serious magical trouble and she's going to need all the help she can get to find home again.

Selfors, Suzanne

Ratty Barclay wasn't supposed to be born a four-foot-tall, walking, talking rodent, but thanks to the Barclay family curse, he's had to live in hiding from the rest of the world. All he wants for his thirteenth birthday is to return to his family's abandoned estate on Fairweather Island to somehow break the curse. Then he'll finally get to live his life as a four-foot-tall, walking, talking, human boy.

Torres, Jennifer

A meteorite falls into the desert near Vega's family store while her cousin Mila is staying with them, turning the girls' summer upside down and leading to surprising discoveries and friendships.

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