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Brosgol, Vera

Jane is incredibly plain. Everyone says so: her parents, the villagers, and her horrible cousin who kicks her out of her own house. Determined to get some semblance of independence, Jane prepares to propose to the princely Peter, who might just say yes to get away from his father. It's a good plan! Or it would've been, if he wasn't kidnapped by a mermaid.

Cartaya, Pablo

Elena Rueda loves baseball--and is the best player on her team--but recently has stopped having fun, so during a summer spent with her brother's quirky friends she reflects on who she is and maybe learns to love to play again.

Easter, Robin

This is it: the last hurrah, the final curtain call. 
Ever since sixth grade, Ashton Price and their best friend and enduring crush, Ivy Santos, have spent their summers together at theater camp. Now it's their last year before they part ways for high school, and Ash is determined to end it on a high note!

Gow, Robin

Twelve-year-old nonbinary B forms a connection with an anxious stray dog, Gooseberry, prompting them to pursue their dream of becoming a dog trainer while navigating the complexities of trust and building a family in their newest foster home.

Hemnani, Ritu

An evocative historical novel in verse about a boy and his family who are forced to flee their home and become refugees after the British Partition of India. Perfect for fans of Other Words for Home

Ireland, Justina

Few campers at Camp Apple Hill Farm have found the mysterious cabin rumored to be hidden deep in the woods--but those who have whisper of a mysterious woman who tells tales of horrors beyond imagination. Are you brave enough to visit Cabin 23?

Kahakauwila, Kristiana

After accidentally wishing on a family heirloom to hear what boys are thinking, Clara wakes up the next day able to do just that. Every idea, every worry, every generous or petty thought crossing their minds--somehow, they now form a chorus of voices in hers. But why couldn't her newfound powers have arrived sooner? Then, maybe, she could have stopped her ex-best friend Leo from betraying her and ditching her for the more popular kids.

Leali, Michael

A heartfelt contemporary middle grade novel perfect for fans of Front Desk, following Luca Salvatore, a young gay Italian American trying to save his family's pizza restaurant and a life that feels like it's falling apart after he learns that his parents may be separating and his first crush and best friend might be into each other.

Magoon, Kekla

Since Grandpa died, Dally's days are dull and restricted. She's eleven and a half years old, and her exacting single mother is already preparing her to take over the family business. Starved for adventure and release, Dally rescues a mysterious envelope from her mother's clutches, an envelope Grandpa had earmarked for her. The map she finds inside leads straight to an ancient vault, a library of secrets where each book is a portal to a precise moment in time. 

Miller, Kelly Leigh

Cloud Puppy is part puppy, part cloud, and has special skills like floating, sniffing, and making rainbows. When she finds out about the upcoming comics convention, she's excited to meet the creator of her favorite comic, Kit Starlight.

Nguyen, Mai K.

While avoiding holiday festivities, Anzu spots a stray dog down the street. A dog that seems to be staring right at her. But when she chases after it, she slips and falls down a ridge, losing consciousness. When she awakes, she's in the Shinto underworld known as Yomi, a place she's only heard about in Obaachan's stories. The stray dog, she finds out, is actually the Gatekeeper of Yomi, and he warns her to return to the human realm before it's too late.

Varon, Sara

Sweet Pea's got a pretty sweet life. The animals in her hometown of Parkville have always gotten along with one another, and she's free to spend her days doing what she loves best: making art, hanging out with friends, and digging through the trash for tasty treats. When two new dogs move to town, Sweet Pea is eager to show them the sights and smells of Parkville . . . especially its most famous attraction, the one-of-a-kind GOLDEN CHEW BONE! But . . . the Golden Chew Bone has VANISHED! Parkville needs a detective, and Sweet Pea's spectacular sense of smell makes her the perfect pup to crack the case.

Wibowo, Jes And Cin

Lunar Boy is a must-read heartwarming coming-of-age graphic novel about a young boy from the moon who discovers a home in the most unlikely places.

Zhang, Kat

When Amy, a Chinese American girl, picks up an ancient paintbrush, it unwittingly unleashes the power to make her art real--and sometimes dangerous.

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