New & Coming Soon Books for Developing Readers

Looking for something new for your child to read independently or for you to read aloud to them? Check out this list of new and coming soon books for kindergarten - 3rd graders. You can place a hold in the catalog by clicking on a title. 

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Akesson, Karin

Blue like the raindrops. Green like the soft grass. Yellow like the warm sun. This is the story of how the rainbow snail came to be. It takes sun and rain to make a rainbow, and what better combination of colors could there be?

Fenske, Jonathan

"It's time to party with the ocean's crankiest crab!"

Ferry, Beth

"Stick would go anywhere with his best friend, especially if they're planning a picnic. But when picnics involve lemons and bees and caves, Stone's not so sure . . ."

Grant, Shauna J.

"Boo-hoo! Mimi is not having a good day. She can't get her pigtails to sit right, she's not in the mood for her favorite breakfast, and she's far from feeling like her usual self. Mimi has a case of the Blahs, where nothing feels quite right. With the help of Penelope, her magical toy dog and best friend, she sets out to find a way to get rid of this icky feeling. Will Mimi reclaim her spark, or will the Blahs get the best of her?"

Hest, Amy

"A celebration of the joy and comfort to be found in alone time and the joy and comfort that a friend can bring."

Litwin, Megan

"Meet Dirt and Bugsy--best buds who catch all kinds of bugs--in this fun early reader!"

Lloyd, Megan Wagner

"It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a . . . pancake? Here is a delightfully clever and endearingly funny graphic novel about a pancake named Peggy, who accidentally develops superhero abilities and must defend her home of Breakfast Town."

Melleby, Nicole, author.

When mean and cranky family cat Oswaldo does not come home one day, Sunny is happy her life is peaceful again, but when she sees how sad her dad is without him, she soon realizes she needs to help find Oswaldo and bring him back home.

Morris Buckley, Patricia

"The story of how Wilma Pearl Mankiller challenged gender norms introduced by settlers and become the first woman Cherokee Chief"--

Pinkney, Brian

"Good friends Otter and Beaver use water and sticks for very different purposes as they spend time together"--

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