New & Coming Soon Books for Developing Readers

Looking for something new for your child to read independently or for you to read aloud to them? Check out this list of new and coming soon books for kindergarten - 3rd graders. You can place a hold in the catalog by clicking on a title. 

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Cepeda, Joe

A boy and his father go on a camping trip and despite one disaster after another, in the end father and son agree it was their best weekend ever!

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Charlesworth, Liza

Created by a teacher, Bob Books have been helping children learn to read for more than forty years! This set gives a beginning reader practice with basic phonics skills, setting them up for a successful reading journey a sturdy hardcover bind-up! The Science of Reading research proves that mastering phonics is a key to a child's success in learning to read. The twelve stories in this set build readers' phonics skills one tiny step at a time so their confidence stays high! Playful text and silly illustrations keep readers coming back for more.

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Cordell, Matthew

Best friends Cornbread and Poppy race in a competitive cycling championship.

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Crawford, Rae

A little girl spends a fun day with Mom going to the park, the art fair, the farmers market, and ending the day by making a yummy soup.

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Derting, Kimberly

Libby loves science! In this companion to Cece Loves Science: Push and Pull, Libby learns about solids, liquids, and gases. This STEM-themed I Can Read is a perfect pick for aspiring scientists and newly independent readers. Includes a glossary, activity, and recipe.

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Fang, Vicky

Across three humorous short stories, best friends Sniff and Scratch discover rain can be fun, share a funny encounter with a balloon, and learn to be brave together when lightning strikes.

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Jones, Marcia Thornton

When the Bailey School Kids visit Jewel's Pizza Castle, they think they're in for just a regular pizza party, despite the fun medieval decor. But when they see smoke and hear roars coming from the kitchen, they wonder what's going on. Could Sir George be keeping a dragon there?

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Kizis, Deanna

In a park of Regency-era London, Penelope, a little Pug, gets separated from her Lady and is found by Lady Diggerton, so Penelope does her best to mind her manners in order to stay with her new Lady.

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Myers, Maya

Learn all about the world of these massive, majestic mammals in this level 1 hippos reader.

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Otheguy, Emma

Reina can't wait for her cousin's visit. At first, it's not as much fun as she'd imagined. Andres is always talking to Abuela about people and places Reina doesn't know. But their friendship soon blossoms when Reina shares her city with Andres.

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Perrott, Audrey

Milton the bull should be content, but he cries all the time, even when he is happy, and becoming a bully just makes him even sadder--until he finds a true friend who also cries a lot and understands him.

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Ransom, Candice

A brother and sister are super excited for their school's field day.

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Tan, Susan

It is hard for Chihuahua Ember to decide which is worse: a pack of pugs who announce that they are aliens, or the dog park which is filled with large and overexcited dogs--but he is convinced that he and his animal friends must stop the pugs to save the world (for themselves).

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