New & Coming Soon Nonfiction Books for Kids of All Ages

One of our favorite genres to share with young readers is nonfiction. There's something to captivate every kid, and there are so many wonderful new titles out this spring. Plus, nonfiction is a great way to expand background knowledge. Place a hold or check one out today!

More new and coming soon lists:

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Bulion, Leslie

"A poetic introduction to a distinctive island ecosystem that is home to many species found nowhere else on Earth"--

Cline-Ransome, Lesa

"The award winners behind Before She Was Harriet explore the story of the saxophone, from its beginnings in 1840s Belgium all the way to New Orleans, where an instrument in a pawn shop caught the eye of musician Sidney Bechet and became the iconic symbol it is today"--

Delacre, Lulu

"A portrait of some of the world's most incredible trees, seen through the eyes of a landscaper who loves them--and his granddaughter who is beginning to understand why."

Drummond, Allan

"In this fifth installment in Allan Drummond's picture book series about green living, a town in Japan takes a stand against its throwaway past and shows that it really does take a village to make sustainable change."

Fitzpatrick, Insha

"An illustrated nonfiction guide to vampires in history, legend, and pop culture"--

Grider, Clayton Tobias, author.

"An introduction to bird behavior including how and why woodpeckers peck, how pelicans fly without flapping their wings, why birds sing, and more is explored through diagrams, photos, and informative and engaging text in this newest addition to the How Do series."-- From publisher's description.

Janeczko, Paul B.

"What is home? Revel in the ineffable sense of belonging in anthologist Paul B. Janeczko's diverse selection of poems with sure appeal for children."

Lowe, Chaunte

"Everything seemed set against Chaunte Lowe. Growing up with a single mother in Paso Robles, California, where she experienced food insecurity, homelessness, and domestic abuse, Chaunte couldn't imagine a future that offered a different sort of life. But then, one day, she turned on the TV and there was Flo Jo, competing in the Olympics and shattering records in track and field. Almost immediately, Chaunte knew what she wanted to do. She started running. With the help of a small community of friends, family, and coaches, Chaunte worked as hard as she could - both in the classroom and out on the sports field - and through her own fierce determination and grit, she overcame every imaginable obstacle, eventually propelling herself to the place she always dreamed about: the Olympic medal podium. Boundless is a story that will move anyone who's ever had a big dream, ever dared to hope for a better future, and ever believed that nothing was impossible. In her own words, Chaunte presents her remarkable and inspiring story of loss and survival, perseverance and hope"--

Murray, Lily, author.

"... explores life spans across the animal kingdom, beginning with the very shortest and ending with the longest."--Provided by publisher.

Park, Jane, 1972- author.

"Animals have adaptations to help them survive. But some of those traits can be hard to spot. Rhyming text and eye-catching photos introduce eight creatures with hidden features"-- Provided by publisher.

Salazar, Aida

"Jovita didn't want to cook and clean like her sisters, and she especially didn't want to wear the skirts her abuela gave her. She wanted to race her brothers and climb the tallest mesquite trees in Rancho Palos Blancos, ride horses, and wear pants! When her father and brothers joined the Cristeros War to fight for the right to practice religion, she wanted to help. She wasn't allowed to fight, but that didn't stop her from observing how her father strategized and familiarizing herself with the terrain. When tragedy struck, she did the only thing that felt right to her--cut her hair, donned a pair of pants, and continued the fight, commanding a battalion who followed her without question. Jovita Wore Pants is the story of a trailblazing revolutionary who fought for her freedom, told by her great niece, bestselling author Aida Salazar, and illustrated by Molly Mendoza"--

Sayre, April Pulley

"We all go through awkward phases-even animals! Award-winning author and photographer April Pulley Sayre shines a light on nature's relatable in-between moments. No longer underwater but not ready to fly, no longer a tadpole but not yet leaping to land. Animals, just like people, can find themselves stuck in some awkward in-between stages. How do we get out of the in-betweens? We just have to push on through! Come get a glimpse behind-the-scenes into nature's in-between moments"--

Turner, Brook Sitgraves

"An anthem for all ages, This is My Body--I Get To Choose features photographs of kids practicing consent out in the real world. Written to help families and educators teach body autonomy and consent, this rhythmic text keeps toddlers, preschoolers, and grownups alike coming back for more in an era when teaching "my body is mine" is imperative. Complete with family discussion questions in the back matter."

Walker, Sally M.

"In a unique melding of science and poetry, a collection of haiku extols the wonder of trees--and explores the vital roles they play on our living planet."

Wittenstein, Barry

"The true story of how a 1969 fire in one of the most polluted rivers in America helped foster awareness of water pollution and how the river's fate contributed to the environmental movement"--

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