What does a LENA Start session look like?

How do the programs work? 

LENA Start targets parent groups. The program provides coaching, curricula, and measurable feedback to caregivers using LENA technology. These programs allow us to harness the talk environment data from LENA devices to show parents and caregivers how they can increase talk with children.

How does the technology work? 

The LENA device is often referred to as a “talk pedometer” — it measures a child’s language environment. The child wears a small LENA device in comfortable clothing for a day at a time. The device captures the child’s audio environment for that “LENA Day.” The LENA software processes the audio captured by the device into data about talk, which is presented in clear reports that can be shared with caregivers. The most important LENA metric is the number of conversational turns, or parent-child interactions, which has been scientifically linked to brain structure, brain function, and long-term outcomes. For more information, please visit www.lena.org/technology.

Why do you need LENA? 

We’ve found that adults are poorly calibrated when it comes to talk, and most of us overestimate. In fact, those of us who talk the least overestimate the most. That’s why LENA plays such an important role. 

How is LENA unique? How is it different from other baby wearables? 

LENA is the only validated tool for measuring conversational turns in early childhood. The number of conversational turns, or parent-child interactions, has been scientifically linked to brain structure, function, and long-term outcomes. LENA is also used and trusted as the standard in measuring talk by more than 300 research institutions around the world. 

What languages can LENA be used with? 

LENA programs are primarily delivered in English and Spanish, but the technology has been validated in a number of other languages as well. Caregivers can see changes over time in any language.

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