Build Your Child's Ultimate Reading List

Girl reading on bench

We’re going to let you in on a little librarian secret. While we love reading and recommending books, sometimes even pros need a little help. When we do, we turn to NoveList K-8 Plus.

NoveList K-8 Plus is a subscription database created by librarians as a “secret weapon” for reader’s advisory. Reader’s advisory is our fancy library term for matching a reader with the right book. 

NoveList K-8 Plus is available at no cost to anyone with a Denver Public Library card and lets you:

  • Search by author, title, and series.
  • Search by genre (fantasy and science fiction, horror, humor…)
  • Find read-alikes. Search for a book your kid couldn’t put down and you’ll find a list of read-alikes on the detailed record.
  • Read reviews.
  • Link to the Denver Public Library catalog and Goodreads.
  • Browse winners of awards like the Caldecott, Newbery and many more!
  • Create your own account to save search results and create alerts for when new titles are added to the database.
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