ideaLAB Partners

Special thanks to:

Aleph Objects   Aleph Objects, for giving us one of their fantastic Lulzbot TAZ printers at a substantial discount.
JetBrains   JetBrains, for donating free educational copies of their IDEs and code editors.
DevCamp   DevCam​p Partners:

First and foremost, thank you to our amazing mentors. They spent hours working with teens, sharing their mind-blowing skills, and generally being awesome:

Our guest speakers: Michael Arestad from Automattic and Angela Sigg from Denver Public Library.

Dell for donating tablets.

And, last but not least, the fine folks at Codepen for donating pro accounts to our instructors to help with instruction and collaboration during the camp.

The Lloyd David and Carlye Cannon Wattis Foundation   The Lloyd David and Carlye Cannon Wattis Foundation, for donating the funds to purchase a 3D printer and supplies.
indiegogo Funders   Our indiegogo funders who helped us raise over $2,500 to buy new equipment for the lab.
Art Institute of Colorado   The Art Institute of Colorado has worked with the ideaLAB to place work study students as docents, sharing the skills they’re learning in class with our teens.
Colorado Independent Game Developers Association   The Colorado Independent Game Developers Association were kind enough to help us organize a panel on working in the game development industry for teens.
Young Filmmakers Workshops: A Program of the Denver Film Society   Denver Film Society's Young Filmmakers Workshops program lent their expertise to present the Kung Fu Movie Workshop.
Mi Casa Resource Center   Mi Casa Resource Center’s Digital Connectors program has provided us with some fantastic teen volunteers!
SparkFun Electronics   SparkFun Electronics has provided training, supplies, and all-around geeky inspiration for ideaLAB staff and participants.