55 And Faking Normal: with Author Elizabeth White



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Are you or a loved one 50+, unemployed or underemployed and worried about what's next?

If you or a loved one are facing financial instability as an older adult, you are not alone! It is a misconception that the retirement income crisis is only a problem for low wage workers, or is caused by poor planning and irresponsible behavior. The truth is millions of boomer age Americans are facing a massive retirement savings shortfall.

Join author Elizabeth White for a candid and open conversation about the financial vulnerability many older adults are experiencing, and about workplace age discrimination. We will explore what we, as individuals, can do to secure ourselves and the people who matter to us, and identify specific actions we can take to help sound the alarm and push local officials and policymakers to prioritize these retirement income and workplace issues with the urgency they deserve.

The online workshop is presented by Denver Public Library and Changing the Narrative,

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