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Older Adult Services

Older Adult Services

Older man wearing glasses and a "Korea - Vietnam Veteran" hat looking at the camera and smilingWelcome to Older Adult Services at the Denver Public Library! Here, you will find events, classes, information, and resources to help you thrive.

At DPL, we view age as a gift. We support the many older adults who have the time and emotional space to engage in lifelong learning, creative endeavors, and community connections.

At the same time, we recognize and address the real challenges people face as they age, including social isolation, homelessness, financial insecurity, dementia, and declining health.

The older adults we serve are as diverse as the population of Denver itself. DPL’s Older Adult Services welcomes and supports all older adults, in all of their circumstances and identities, in all of their hopes and dreams for the best quality of life possible.

Call 720-865-1123 or email for more information.

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