Technology Classes & Workshops

Have you heard of the Cloud, but you're not quite sure what that means or where to go to access it?  Take a look at some common cloud applications and learn how easy and convenient cloud computing can be.

Aprende las partes de la computadora, cómo abrir y cerrar programas, y practica el uso del ratón.

Obtén una cuenta de email Gmail y aprende a enviar y recibir email.

Aprende a usar un navegador,  para obtener acceso al internet, y Google para encontrar información confiable.

Aprende a proteger tus datos personales y a evitar estafas comunes, y así mantenerte seguro en internet. 

Sign up for a Gmail email account and learn how to send and receive email.

In this class we'll learn how to clean up our email inbox, protect against spammers, and create folders to organize emails. We'll also learn how to attach a file to an email, and how to download attachments. An email account is required.

Learn the basics of using a computer and practice using a mouse. NO computer experience required.

Learn how to use a web browser to access the web, and use Google to find information on the internet.

Building on the skills from Internet I, gain more practice using Google to find and evaluate the information you need from websites you can trust.

Not sure where files go when you save them? Having trouble finding things you saved? Come to this class to find out how your computer is organized!

Take your basics skills to the next level with Google Drive. You will learn how to save files online using your Gmail login and see how to access Google's word processor so you can create documents on any computer that has an internet connection.

Did you recently upgrade to Windows 10? Are you planning to buy a new computer? Come to this question and answer session to learn about Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 10.