Technology Classes & Workshops

Find out what a blog is and see examples of popular and local blogs. Then learn about using Blogger or Tumblr. Whether you want to read or write (or both), you'll learn it here!

Obtenga una cuenta de email con Gmail y aprenda cómo enviar y recibir email.

Learn how to send and receive email, manage your inbox, and practice downloading and attaching files. Students may also receive help signing up for a Gmail account at the end of class.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between news that's well researched and news that's false or misleading. In this presentation you'll learn techniques for evaluating the credibility of news stories and learn the importance of getting information from multiple reliable sources.

Skype is a free internet voice and video call service. Come learn how to use Skype to make video class from your computer or mobile device. Email address required.

Learn how to create accounts, share, and connect with other users of Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We will also discuss their differences, similarities, and uses.

YouTube is the most popular online video streaming service in the world. Come learn about channels, subscriptions, playlists, and uploading your own videos to YouTube.