Technology Classes & Workshops

Use free 3D modeling software Tinkercad to create objects that can be 3D printed or even used in video game creation.

Learn how to remove programs, manage the space on your computer, speed up your browsing and more.

Explore basic principles fundamental to every coding language through hands-on activities and games. No coding experience required.

Aprenda los conceptos básicos de cómo usar una computadora y praticar el uso del ratón. No se necesita experiencia de computación.

Obtenga una cuenta de email con Gmail y aprenda cómo enviar y recibir email.

Aprenda cómo usar un navegador y acceder a Internet y usar Google para encontrar información en la red.

Aprenda cómo proteger sus datos personales y evitar las practicas fraudulentas más comunes.

Learn how to send and receive email, navigate your inbox, and practice downloading and attaching files.

Learn the basics of using a computer and practice using a mouse. No computer experience required.

Learn how to use a browser to access the internet and use Google to find information on the internet.

Learn how your computer is organized, including files and folders, and discover how to find what you're looking for.

Create your own digital illustrations and designs. Learn the basics of Inkscape, a free vector graphics program, and create an example logo you can use in print or online.

Learn the tools Microsoft Publisher provides to make and print your own business cards. No graphic design experience required.

Learn how to access library eBooks, audiobooks and video with your library card. Bring your own smartphone, tablet, or laptop, or explore the eBooks website using a library computer.

Learn how to use Google’s online calendar for effective time management, sharing event information, invites, notifications and more. Must have email address to attend this class.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between news that's well researched and news that's false or misleading. In this presentation you'll learn techniques for evaluating the credibility of news stories and learn the importance of getting information from multiple reliable sources.

Build web pages from scratch with HTML and CSS.
HTML Basics: Learn what HTML is and use it to format text, insert images and create links.
CSS Basics: Learn what CSS is, start styling backgrounds, text and fonts. Basic HTML skills required.

JavaScript is a programming language that makes websites interactive. No programming experience required, familiarity with HTML/CSS is helpful.
Class 1: Variables, math operators and functions.
Class 2: Function parameters, comparison operators and if statements.

JavaScript is a programming language that makes websites interactive. No programming experience required, familiarity with HTML/CSS is helpful.
Class 1: Variables, math operators and functions.
Class 2: Function parameters, comparison operators and if statements.

Create a fun light up card using a paper circuit.

Use drums, strings, guitar, and other instruments to make your own music on the iPad.

Social media is a powerful communication tool these days. In this class, we will learn how to get started with Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and personal websites. No existing accounts required.

Access lets you create and manage databases. In this class, you get a broad overview of the core features of Access, such as how to store data, make queries, design forms, and generate reports.

Excel spreadsheets allow you to easily store, organize and modify data. Learn the basics of Excel (such as inserting text, basic formulas, AutoFill and more) by creating a personal budget.

Expand your Excel knowledge and learn about conditional formatting, freezing rows, and using tables. Basic Excel skills required.

Learn how to make Excel do the work for you by using commonly accessed formulas and functions. Basic Excel skills required.

Make your Excel workbook pop by using graphs and pivot tables to represent your data visually. Basic Excel skills required.

Learn how to automate repetitive tasks by recording and running simple macros in Excel. Basic Excel skills required.

Use the sort and filter features in Excel to organize your data so you can find the information you are looking for easily. Basic Excel skills required.

Learn how to use the Mail Merge Wizard to personalize letters and envelopes. You’ll also learn how to insert images and proofread like a pro with the Track Changes feature. Intermediate Word skills required.

Learn how to create and edit a document with Microsoft Word. You'll learn basic formatting options like how to bold text, adjust line spacing and change the page alignment.

Microsoft Word has many tools that make working on long documents a snap. Learn about styles, headers, footers, page numbers and tables. Basic Word skills required.

Photoshop is a powerful all-purpose photo editing and art creation tool. In this class we'll learn about lighting and color corrections, cropping and scaling photos, fixing blemishes and doctoring photos, and layer manipulation.

Learn how to improve your presentation while using PowerPoint and other presentation software. Explore best practices for designing and delivering your presentation and get hands-on experience.

Increase your awareness about how your online behavior is tracked and used. You'll learn tips on how to limit what's shared about you online.

Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Debunk SEO myths, and learn basic tools and tips to help improve your website’s online presence.

Learn how to navigate commonly used features on your Windows, Android, or Apple smartphone or tablet. Afterwards, there will be time for answering your questions. Please bring your own device.

Explore free video chat programs like Skype and Google Hangouts. You'll learn how to start and troubleshoot video chats on a computer or smartphone.

Learn about malware threats, how to tell if a computer is infected, and how to install and use a high quality free antivirus program.

Make your own wristband that lights up with conductive thread and LEDs.

Learn to create your own blog or basic website with Explore how to navigate WordPress, make pages and posts, add photos and customize the appearance of your website. (Note: these classes cover, not

Learn how to create documents, save your files online and collaborate with others on Google Drive. Email address required.

YouTube is the most popular online video streaming service in the world. Come learn about channels, subscriptions, playlists, and uploading your own videos to YouTube.