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Comprehensive Sites

Study Spanish
Widely-used free site for studying and practicing Spanish.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises
Complete menu of video interviews and podcasts, as well as related grammar, vocabulary, and phrases. From the University of Texas.

Learn to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish (and other languages, too). Highly-rated free app.


Spanish Pronto
Focuses on high-frequency Spanish words.

Quia Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar Games
Thousands of vocabulary and grammar games and quizzes created by language educators.


Spanish Language & Culture
Excellent grammar practice exercises, some with audio.

Conjuguemos: Verb Conjugation Activities
Practice verb conjugaton in the tenses taught ina typical Spanish curriculum./p>

Other Practice Online

Stories in Spanish
Read familiar stories and fairy tales to improve your Spanish reading comprehension.

Centro Virtual Cervantes
Portal to many topics of interest to the Spanish-speaker. For advanced students.

Spanish Language News, Media & Communication
Links to hundreds of Spanish language newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations.​

Typing Accent Marks
Learn the keystrokes for typing accent marks.