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Library Literature

Full-text and indexing of key library and information science periodicals. Video Tutorial

TumbleBook Library

An online collection of animated, talking picture books for young kids to discover the joys of reading. Video Tutorial

New York Times Current from Proquest

New York Times full text from June 1980-current. Search by keyword or browse by date.

Then see Digital Microfilm to view cover-to-cover PDF images of the New York Times from 2008 to 2 months ago.

National Newspapers Core

Search or browse the full text of these core newspapers:

  • New York Times, June 1980-current
  • Wall Street Journal, January 1984-current
  • Christian Science Monitor, October 1988-current
  • Los Angeles Times, January 1985-current
  • Washington Post, January 1987-current

Wall Street Journal Current

Search full text of the Wall Street Journal from 1984 to present.

Then see Digital Microfilm to view cover-to-cover PDF images of the Wall Street Journal from 2008 to 2 months ago.

Ebsco eBooks (formerly Netlibrary)

Netlibrary is now Ebsco eBooks. Searchable eBooks that can be read online. Not downloadable. Video Tutorial

Access World News

International and U.S. news from thousands of newspapers, media and online sources. Search the world or choose a region, country, state or city.

Oxford Dictionaries

Find the meaning of a word, its origin, and how you might use it most effectively.

Music Online

Combined search for these streaming music databases: American Music, Classical Music, Jazz, Popular Music and World Music, which includes Contemporary World Music and Smithsonian Global Sound.

Jazz Music Library

Streaming music collection of thousands of jazz artists, ensembles, albums, and genres.

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