Computers & Devices

Smartphone Photo Management

Do you have a bunch of photos on your phone that you're not sure what to do with? Why and how we take photos -- and the type of phone we use -- can affect how we choose to edit and store them.  And whether you plan to print, create digital slideshows, publish photo books, or post to social media, you'll need to backup and organize your photos. Each student will leave class with a personal photo management plan.

Windows 8 101

Thinking of  buying a new Windows 8 device or upgrading from an older version of Windows? Already have Windows 8 and wondering what happened to your desktop and Start button? Come and learn all about  the new Modern interface, Charms, Apps, SkyDrive and more. Bring your Windows 8 laptop or Surface tablet if you have one!

Linux 101

Did you know that there is a free alternative to Windows and OS X? Linux offers a wide-range of free, open-source operating systems and software that run on nearly any computer, old or new. We'll introduce you to some popular Linux programs and let you know what you need to get started.