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Photo of authorApril 20: Mary Taylor Young

For 30 years, award-winning Colorado nature writer Mary Taylor Young has kept a nature journal of sightings around her cabin in southern Colorado.  

In her 22nd book, Bluebird Seasons: Witnessing Climate Change In My Piece of the Wild, Young shares a story of change, as familiar birds disappear and new ones arrive; drought and wildfire increase; bears and elk change their seasonal rhythms. It’s a story echoed in everyone’s backyard and wild place, she says, but it’s not time to despair; it’s time to act. This Earth Day, come hear Young tell the story of Bluebird Seasons and discover how you can have a voice and join the climate fight by sharing your own climate change story.

Image of book jacket Gold-fated FamilyApril 20: Jody Pritzl

Jody Pritzl will share examples of telegrams, photos, and checks and how they were interpreted into her book, Gold-Fated Family, featuring Colorado gold history and a famous family with their share of joy and drama.




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