Reviews and Blog Posts: boarding schools


by Meg Wolitzer

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At a special boarding school, students attend because of their sensitivities, 5 students are selected for a popular English class. Through the course of a semester, they are encouraged to deeply explore Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and rely on one another. The relationships developed and grew a little unnaturally...

Liv, forever

by Amy Talkington

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When Liv is awarded a scholarship to attend the ultra-prestigious boarding school, Wickham Hall, she thinks it is the answer to her future.  At Wickham, she can become an artist and leave her foster care background behind. Wickham Hall is full of rich, snobby students, but Liv doesn’t even mind;...

The Tragedy Paper

by Elizabeth LaBan

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Duncan begins his senior year at the prestigious Irving School by searching for his new door room.  As a senior he now has the privilege of rooming alone and as a gift the vacating senior of the year past has left behind a gift. Not all gifts are special or...

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