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Please note: We are in the process of updating this page and not all technology classes offered at the Denver Public Library will appear in this list. If you're looking for a class not displayed here, please visit the Events & Classes calendar.

There's more to Googling than you think! If you've got a handle on basic Internet searching and want to streamline your technique, this class is for you. Learn how to choose search terms and use shortcuts that will yield better results!

Have you heard of the Cloud, but you're not quite sure what that means or where to go to access it?  Take a look at some common cloud applications and learn how easy and convenient cloud computing can be.

Not sure where files go when you save them? Having trouble finding things you saved? Come to this class to find out how your computer is organized!

Need to fix the red eyes in a favorite photo? Want to add some balloons and text to a birthday pic? Want to give your photos a vintage look? Learn how to do all that and more using free, online photo editing services like Pixlr and Photoshop Express!

In this quick class, learn about ways you can store your photos online - both free and paid. We'll explore Google Drive, Flickr, and other options that let you back up your photos and have access to them from anywhere!

Learn how to delete emails, use folders and search your inbox so you can find important emails in a snap. We will cover Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook/Hotmail.

The Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free alternative to Photoshop. Come learn the basics of the GIMP - color correction, fixing exposure, and other fixes, and take the first steps to making your photos look great!

 Learn how to use Google’s online calendar for effective time management, sharing event information, invites, notifications and more. Must have email address to attend this class.

With Google Drive, you can save your documents online so you can access them from any computer with internet access, no disk or drive required! Google Drive also makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents without having to email them back and forth. Must have email address to attend this class.

Did you know that there is a free alternative to Microsoft Office? LibreOffice is a free, open-source office suite that runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux. We'll give you a brief overview of each of the programs and let you know what you need to get started.

Learn how to use Microsoft Access 2007 to create and manage databases. This is a three part class. 

Microsoft Access I: Learn the difference between a flat file and a relational database; understand the process of designing a database; learn to navigate the Access 2007 workspace; create new databases and tables; learn how to import data from external sources; and learn how to establish relationships between tables.

Microsoft Access II: Learn what a query is; use the query wizard to create some basic queries; learn how to use the datasheet view to create your own queries; practice using criteria to pull the data you need from your tables; and how to use queries to total, count, and average your data.

Microsoft Access III: Learn to use a wizard to create a report; learn how to customize a report in the report design view; make our reports look nice using Autoformat tools; create forms for user data entry with the form wizard; and create value-lookup controls to make data entry easier.

Many people know the basic formatting tools in Excel 2007, like changing the font or cell color. But if you want to learn some amazing time saving tools, check out conditional formatting, naming ranges or freezing rows.

Excel 2007 spreadsheets allow you to easily store, organize and manipulate data. In this class, you will learn the basics of Excel (inserting text, basic functions, AutoSum, AutoFill, and more) by creating a basic budget spreadsheet and making Excel do all the math for you!

Learn how to get more out of your data with subtotals and what-if analysis. Basic Excel skills required to attend.

Build upon the lessons covered in Excel Basics. Learn how to make Excel do the work for you by using commonly accessed Formulas and Functions. Basic Excel 2007 skills required to participate in this course.

Make your Excel 2007 workbook pop by using pivot tables and graphs to represent your data visually.

Macros are an amazing tool to make repetitve tasks a snap to perform.  Come learn how to record and run simple macros in Excel.  Basic Excel 2007 skills required to participate in this course.

Use the sort and filter features in Excel 2007 to organize your data so you can find the information you are looking for easily.

Microsoft OneDrive is an online storage service and more. Join us to see how you can store files from your computer online and even have access to FREE versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint!

Learn how to create, edit and save a basic presentation using MS PowerPoint 2007.

Learn how to create and edit a document with Word 2007.  We will look at basic formatting tools like how to bold text and change the page alignment.

Working with a group of people on a document can be tricky.  Take a look at some tools like Comments, Track Changes & Protect Document that make the process easier.  Students must have basic Word skills to attend this class.

Learn how to create easy to use forms in Word 2007.  Students must have basic Word skills to attend this class.

Learn how to add page numbers, dates, logos, titles, names and more to the top and bottom of pages automatically in Word 2007. Students must have attended Microsoft Word Basics or have equivalent skills to attend this class.

Learn how to use Microsoft Word 2007 to find, use and manipulate images in your documents. Students must have basic Word skills to attend this class.

Learn how to use the Mail Merge function in Microsoft Word 2007 to easily create mailing labels, envelopes, form letters and more. Students must have attended Computer Basics: Microsoft Word or have equivalent skills to attend this class.

Word 2007 has many tools in place to help you create consistently beautiful documents. Learn how styles and themes can help you create easy-to-use long documents. Students must have attended Microsoft Word Basics or have equivalent skills to attend this class.

Learn how to make your Word 2007 document easier to read and more appealing by using tables and columns to organize and display information. Students must have basic Word skills to attend this class.

Did you know you don't have to construct complicated documents like resumes from scratch? Word 2007 has templates available for everything from resumes to newsletters. Save yourself time and effort by learning how to find and edit these templates.  Students must have basic Word skills to attend this class.

Tired of Powerpoint slideshows? Looking to wow people with your presentations? Learn how to make great presentations with the FREE web-based program, Prezi.

Did you know that YouTube can do more than just play a single video at a time?  Come learn about channels, subscriptions, playlists and more!