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The Ogallala road : a memoir of love and reckoning

by Julene Bair

Colorado author Bair recounts a story of the land and her family, the personal and the greater world, in this lovely memoir. She talks of leaving and returning to her family's Kansas farm, falling in love with a rancher there, her family's connection to the land, and the bigger picture...

The cold dish

by Craig Johnson

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The strong sense of place in this book's Wyoming setting reminds me of Tony Hillerman's mystery series set on the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners area - both bring the landscape to life and make me feel I am actually there with the characters, really seeing what they are...

Savage run

by C. J Box

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This is an early entry into Box's popular Joe Pickett series. Pickett is a Wyoming game warden who, in this mystery/thriller, gets caught up in a war between environmental activists and extreme ranchers. I liked the shifting perspectives, and the descriptions of the Wyoming landscape, the plot moved along at...


by Marcus Sakey

Gifteds. Brilliants. Abnorms. Twists. Whatever you call them, they've changed the world. True genius used to come once in a generation. Now, 1 in 100 children are born extraordinarily gifted in various ways--reading body language, tactics, medicine, numbers. Though a small minority of the population, the "normals" feel threatened by...

October mourning : a song for Matthew Shepard

by Lesléa Newman

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Newman describes this book as an historical novel in verse. In the introduction, she talks about being scheduled as a speaker for Gay Awareness Week at the University of Wyoming in October, 1998, just days after the brutal attack on Matthew Shepard in Laramie. Newman decided to attend the event, ...

Fencing the Sky

by James Galvin

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What's become of 'the American West' comes to life in this brilliantly written story.  Ranchers and cowboys once wrestled a living from mile upon mile of open prairie and the foothills that sweep across the land. From Fort Collins and Ted's Place to the west, on up 287 to Tie...

Kiss the morning star

by Elissa Janine Hoole

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Anna and Kat are on a post graduation road trip, inspired by the words of Jack Kerouac and looking for answers. Anna hasn't been able to feel much since her mother died and her father shut down, and Kat wants her best friend back. A wild ride that includes matching...

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