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This is a great indie movie. And if you love food this movie is awesome. Carl leaves his current post at a restaurant because he isn't allowed the creativity he thrives while cooking. A food truck seems like the best option for him to find his creativity. Also, bonding...

Laying Tracks- traveling by train writer's residency program

Trains in the United States are becoming a thing again. Recently Amtrak has launched a Writers in Residence program of which I am INSANELY jealous and plan on applying at some point (hopefully the program will take off like wildfire and be available for many years to come.) But in the meantime I will have to bide my time with fantasies and books.

The girl in the road

by Monica Byrne

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2  girls, 2 continents, 2 journeys. Set in near-future India and Africa, and on a bridge spanning the Arabian Sea, The Girl in the Road imagines new configurations and perceptions of politics, religion, and gender. We follow two stories. Meena is (illegally) crossing an energy producing bridge across the Arabian...

YOLO! (You Only Live Once)

Say it with me: YOLO! Now, say it even louder: YOLO!! And, for goodness' sake, say it one more time: YOLO!!! If you're not familiar with this word, let me tell you what it stands for. YOU ONLYLIVE ONCE. That's right - I've had you saying YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE; so, do the most with your life.

Weird Colorado : your travel guide to Colorado's local legends and best kept secrets

by Charmaine Ortega Getz

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I was happy to stumble on this book in our collection. It covers a lot of insider’s information of interesting and eccentric locations and history in Colorado. It also explains a few things I always wondered about and even a few I hadn’t heard of yet. Two interesting sites I...

Plaza Voices: From food trucks to cliff divers...

Loteria cards

Food trucks, good restaurants, cliff divers, and airplane disappearances were all part of the discussion at Ross-Barnum’s Plaza program this week. We started the evening off by playing Lotería, a game of chance similar to Bingo. Participants learned the English equivalent of several phrases on the Lotería cards and had a few laughs. Toward the end of the game, there were several Lotería cards referencing sea sickness, seafood, and shrimp - and the discussion naturally turned to food.

I'm a stranger here myself notes on returning to America after twenty years away

by Bill Bryson

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I will admit to being a reluctant non-fiction reader, avoiding most books shelved with a Dewey number like the plague. However, I picked up Bill Bryson’s At Home on a whim once and discovered, at last, that not all non-fiction has to be dry and boring. I downloaded the audio...

Lost on planet China : the strange and true story of one man's attempt to understand the world's most mystifying nation, or how he became comfortable eating live squid

by J. Maarten Troost

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Travel author, Maarten Troost, has taken us to Kiribati, Vanuatu, Fiji, and now he heads to another Asian nation: China.  His no-nonsense relating of actual living conditions gives the average person a view of China that no guide book has gotten past the Chinese state censors.  Through his excellent use...

Call of the white : taking the world to the South Pole : eight women, one unique expedition

by Felicity Aston

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I love both adventure/travel memoirs and stories set in Antarctica, so I'm not sure how I missed this book when it came out several years ago--but I'm glad I found it eventually. Aston's story is unique in that she wanted to put together an international team of "ordinary women" to...

Mastering the art of French eating : lessons in food and love from a year in Paris

by Ann Mah

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The author was excited when her husband got a prime diplomatic post--Paris. They could explore together, eat, travel, find new favorite places. Then he received word that he was to go to Baghdad for a year--a place spouses aren't allowed to follow. Suddenly, Mah was faced with a year in...

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