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Tessa Masterson will go to prom

by Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin

DPL Rating:

Told in two voices, this book is essentially about friendship. Luke and Tessa have been best friends forever. Influenced by his mom's viewing of romantic comedies, Luke sees Tessa's lack of a boyfriend and decides she must secretly in love with him. He makes a grand romantic gesture, asking her...

Magazine of the Month - Adbusters

Occupy Wall Street poster

So how did the Occupy Wall Street movement get started? Well I guess we can blame Canada.

Adbusters is a Canadian anti-consumer, anti-capitalist, pro-environment magazine started in 1989 by Kalle Lasn. Mr. Lasn, a former adman and documentary filmmaker, was born in Estonia, moved to Australia as a child and now lives in Vancouver. Adbusters has no paid advertising relying on subscriptions, newsstand sales and donations.

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