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Counting by 7s

by Holly Goldberg Sloan

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Willow Chance is a precocious, as in genius, 12 year old.  While it’s never mentioned, she is also seems to be obsessive compulsive. Her adoptive parents are killed in an accident and this is the story of her finding a new family.  Willow is brilliant but in too many subjects...

Saturn Apartments. 1

by Hisae Iwaoka

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One of the best things about stories set in space is the feeling of limitless possibility and discovery. Unfortunately Hisae Iwaoka's Saturn Apartments takes that sense of possibility and discovery and turns it on its head, making what should be interesting dull and what is normally dull only vaguely intriguing.

Momo : or, The curious story about the time thieves and the child who returned the people's stolen time

by Michael Ende

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Momo is an earlier book by Michael Ende, author of The Neverending Story. Published first in German in 1973, Momo is a fantasy novel aimed at teens.

Yes, chef

by Marcus Samuelsson

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Marcus Samuelsson chronicles his odyssey from his birth in Ethiopia, being orphaned at age 3, being adopted (along with his sister) by a couple in Sweden, and eventually becoming one of the world's most renowned chefs. His story is well written, emotional, and doesn't gloss over mistakes and poor choices.

Santa Olivia

by Jacqueline Carey

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Loup Garron is the product of an affair between a genetically modified soldier and a local in the town of Santa Olivia, an unofficial town in the DMZ between Texas and Mexico. Orphaned at an early age, she spends time with her brother, who is training for a boxing match...

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