Reviews and Blog Posts: Multigenerational

Peeny butter fudge

by Toni Morrison

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When a mom drops off her three children at their grandmother's house, she leaves a written schedule for everyone to follow. But Nana has her own ideas about what makes a fun afternoon. And as a special surprise, Nana teaches the children a secret family recipe for peeny peanut butter...

Wild things

by Clay Carmichael

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This is the story of learning to trust and finding your family. Zoe is an orphan who basically raised herself, even before her mother died. She's sent to live with Uncle Henry, who is a famous heart surgeon turned withdrawn sculptor. He tries to relate to Zoe, but his moods...

The retired kid

by Jon Agee

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Brian thinks that being a kid is really hard work, so he decides to retire. He moves to a retirement community in Florida and gets to swim and play cards. But that's not all -- there are doctor visits and prune juice too. Soon Brian realizes that being retired is...

Brendan Buckley's universe and everything in it

by Sundee Tucker Frazier

Eleven-year-old Brendan Buckley is a lot of things: an aspiring scientist, a tae kwon do warrior, and the child of a biracial marriage. He had a great relationship with his father's dad, but he's never even met his mother's father, and he's not sure why. When they accidentally meet up...

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