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Spin state

by Chris Moriarty

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Catherine Li is an elite UN Peacekeeper, shipped across the galaxy to protect colonies and investigate suspicious activity. Her sometime partner, Cohen, is a 400+ year old AI whose mercurial ways often leave Li wondering if he is actually helping her, or if he is only around to further his...

Check Out the New Lambda Literary Web Site!

Lambda Literary

On March 1, the Lambda Literary Foundation unveiled their newly designed web site. This is the place to go for anyone interested in reading or writing LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) literature.

Lambda Literary is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1987, and its mission is to nurture, celebrate, and preserve LGBT literature. It does this by hosting the annual Lambda Literary Awards, putting on workshops for emerging writers, and promoting the visibility of LGBT books and publishers. The new site is a one-stop place to go for book reviews, articles on trends in LGBT literature, events, and interviews with writers and publishers. It is also a place for writers to find calls for submission, publishers, and agents.

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