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Plaza Voices: Important Update on Driver's Licenses and IDs under SB-251

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Senate Bill 13-251, The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, authorizes driver's licenses, instruction permits, or identification cards to be issued to individuals who are either unable to demonstrate lawful presence in the U.S., or can demonstrate only temporary lawful presence.

Unnatural causes is inequality making us sick?

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In October I posted a book review for The American Health Care Paradox: Why Spending More is Getting Us Less.  This documentary was just as eye-opening for me, presenting shocking and tragic statistics along with personal stories regarding how poverty, discrimination, unemployment, lack of support, and exploitation affects our...

A cup of water under my bed : a memoir

by Daisy Hernández

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A memoir exploring the intersections of culture, language, class, sexuality, and religion. Hernandez grew up in New Jersey with immigrant parents--her mother from Columbia, her father from Cuba. She learned both Spanish and English and helped her parents navigate the world, including filling out her father's unemployment applications when factory...

Plaza Voices: Resource Guide for New Immigrants

Cover of DPL's updated Resource Guide for New Immigrants

For new immigrants, refugees, or asylees: the Denver Public Library has compiled a list of reliable resources in this guide to assist with your adjustment to life in Colorado. You may find it helpful to read this guidebook in its entirety or find that only certain sections pertain to your needs. You can also access it from our website (just click on the PDF link for a printable, updated guide).

The book of unknown Americans : a novel

by Cristina Henríquez

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   I had seen this title on various lists and I felt that I simply had to tackle it soon.  Most stories of immigrants from Mexico often feature the crushing poverty or rampant violence that motivated them to leave. The Rivera family however had a contented life there but left...

Threads and flames

by Esther M Friesner

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In 1910, 14 year old Raisa leaves her tiny Polish shtetl to join her older sister, Henda, in New York City, but when she arrives Henda is nowhere to be found. With luck, perseverance, and the help of friends she meets along the way, Raisa eventually manages to support herself and her...

For today I am a boy

by Kim Fu

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A beautifully written exploration of identity and fitting in. Peter Huang was born in a small town in Canada to first generation immigrants from China. His father, delighted to have a boy after 2 girls, names him Juan Chaun, "powerful king." Peter grows up with his three sisters, knowing inside...

Amerika : the missing person : a new translation, based on the restored text

by Franz Kafka

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Amerika by Franz Kafka was published in 1927, after the author's death. It was his first novel, and it was left unfinished.

The Class

    Teaching is a tough profession for new graduates and seasoned veterans. Francois is a French teacher to students in the suburbs of Paris. Almost all his students have origins in France's former colonies in Africa and the Caribbean.  He finds that culture clashes influence the way he must...

Snow hunters : a novel

by Paul Yoon

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Don't mistake this short book for a quick read--the language is spare and poetic, meant to be savored. Yohan was a POW during the Korean war, and has moved to Brazil to be a Japanese tailor's apprentice rather than returning to his home town. Here, he learns to mend clothes,...

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