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Little brother

by Cory Doctorow

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Little Brother is the 2008 novel by Cory Doctorow (editor of Little Brother won the 2009 Prometheus Award, Sunburst Award, and John W. Campbell Memorial Award.

In the wake of a terrorist attack in San Francisco, the Department of Homeland Security's Orwellian tactics have become unnecessarily invasive. A small but...

hacking, making, and coding at the library

Creation from ideaLAB toy hack

Libraries have always been places where communities come together to learn. Most of that used to happen through print - as more and more of our lives are mediated by bits and circuits, libraries have made the shift as well, making emedia and online research tools readily available. 

A couple of our recent programs in the Community Technology Center and the ideaLAB are taking the next steps: helping people open up the tech they use everyday and see what's inside.

Find me

by Romily Bernard

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Find me. These are the words on Tessa's diary the day it shows up on Wick Tate's doorstep. By the time Wick sees it, Tessa is already dead.

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