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The world we found

by Thrity N Umrigar

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Friends during the 1970s in college in Bombay, the lives of Armaiti, Laleh, Kavita, and Nishta have gone in very different directions from their days as activist students, ready to change the world. Armaiti has left for America. Nishta, admired for choosing a life with the man she loved even...

Into the beautiful North [a novel]

by Luis Alberto Urrea

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I listened to this book on a recent road trip, and fell in love with the characters, the descriptions, the quest. Nayeli, a young woman from the Mexican village of Tres Camarones, and her friends have realized that there are almost no men left in their town, they have all...

The sweet revenge of Celia Door

by Karen Finneyfrock

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Is revenge really that sweet? Join poet Celia Door during her freshman year at Hershey High. She was bullied in middle school, by one girl in particular, and she's changed her whole persona over the summer and is determined to get public, humiliating revenge on her tormentors. But then she...


by Sándor Márai

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A century ago, a hunt occurred in a forest by a castle in the Carpathian Mountains.  What transpired that day changed the lives of three people forever -- two devoted friends and the woman they both loved.  Years later, as old men, the two come together for one last conversation,...

Between you & me

by Marisa Calin

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Phyre wants to be an actress, and this book is written as her diary-style screenplay of her life. Taking place over the fall semester of the school year in which Phyre develops a massive crush on the new drama teacher, Mia, gets the lead in the school play, and has...

Memoirs of a teenage amnesiac

by Gabrielle Zevin

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If life had gone differently, Naomi may never had been adopted and grown up on the streets of Russia. If life had gone differently, Naomi may never have tripped, hit her head, and woken up with amnesia. Now she can’t remember a single thing about the last four years of...

Tessa Masterson will go to prom

by Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin

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Told in two voices, this book is essentially about friendship. Luke and Tessa have been best friends forever. Influenced by his mom's viewing of romantic comedies, Luke sees Tessa's lack of a boyfriend and decides she must secretly in love with him. He makes a grand romantic gesture, asking her...

In search of Captain Zero : a surfer's road trip beyond the end of the road

by A. C. (Allan C.) Weisbecker

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Remember that feeling of ditching school in the late spring, just before summer, when the weather was primo and your youthful responsibilities faded away like a bad tattoo under the sun? This is a memoir of a dude that may have skipped a few too many days, his responsibilities no...

Getting to Happy

It has been 18 years since Terry McMillan has told of the story of Gloria, Savannah, Bernadine and Robin in the novel Waiting to Exhale.

Years later McMillan follows up with the highly anticipated sequel to these ladies lives and friendship.

Getting to Happy, wastes no time telling the reader what these ladies have been up to the last 12 years.

Over the years these four friends have dealt with divorce, death, addiction, raising children as well as trying to find happiness!! McMillan is a master at telling the story of Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine and Robin.

The question is will they all finally find happiness?


I Love You, Man

Female friendship has been celebrated in movies widely even before Beaches was a blockbuster, but it isn't until recently that male friendships also received the same cinematic treatment. Bromances celebrate the brotherly love and friendship between two men and are often hysterical!

Many of the films on this list are written, directed, and/or produced by Judd Apatow. I think it is safe to assume that he is quite the bromantic.

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