Reviews and Blog Posts: Friendship

Dear killer

by Katherine Ewell

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Only Kit and her mother know that Kit is London's feared "Perfect Killer." At 17, she's been a murderer for hire for years, and lives by the code her mother has taught her: Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Be careful. Don't be anything but perfect. But Kit's carefully segmented...

The last kings of Sark : a novel

by Rosa Rankin-Gee

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The nostalgia of an idyllic island summer is fully felt in this debut novel. Recent college graduate Jude (not the expected young man) has been hired to tutor 16-year-old Pip for the college exams he has no intention of passing. Along with the Pip's family's cook, Sofi, the young almost-adults...

Half bad

by Sally Green

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Who decides what's black or white? Good or evil?  Nathan is hoping he'll find his answer on his seventeenth birthday when he receives his three wishes. But the Council of White Witches of England, Scotland, and Wales have other plans for Nathan which include making sure he doesn't live to...

Ava and Pip

by Carol Weston

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10 year old Ava Wren is an outgoing word nerd whose biggest annoyance is being constantly overshadowed at home by her shy older sister, Pip. She understands why most of the time, because Pip is not just shy, but painfully shy. Like, barely says two words on any given day at...

You look different in real life

by Jennifer Castle

Justine used to be the sassy breakout star of the "Five At..." documentaries, but at 16 and with the next installment due to be filmed, she feels she's failed to live up to everyone's expectations of her, including her own. She has no boyfriend, no ambition, and she doesn't really...

Everything leads to you

by Nina LaCour

A story of connection, family, the power of movies, and the power of the stories we tell ourselves, Emi Price's summer is captivating. She's just graduated from high school, has been working as set design intern for a movie studio for years, and has just gotten a big break and...


by John Corey Whaley

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16 year old Travis is dying of leukemia so his family makes the shocking decision to cut off his head and freeze it in case technology can someday bring him back. He's not ready to go but he's tired. He's leaving behind his parents, his best friend Kyle and worst...

An invisible thread

by Laura Schroff

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An Invisible Thread is the true story of a New York City businesswoman and an 11-year-old panhandler. The title comes from the Chinese proverb, "An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never...

Friends forever a novel

by Danielle Steel

DPL Rating:

Now I know why I’ve never been much of a romance reader—pedestrian writing at best, undeveloped characters that I never grew to care about and a plot that was more recitations of events than compelling. A tough slog, indeed!

Five, six, seven, Nate!

by Tim Federle

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Nate from Better Nate Than Ever is back, and this time he's legitimately living in New York City with his aunt, in rehearsals for E.T.: The Musical as second understudy for E.T. himself. While it was great to hear Nate's voice again in this sequel, I didn't find it...

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